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BBLINER, having mutifly funtion on diet or shaping body is totally new brand product for body shaping and losing weight for all, especially for woman. You can slim your arm, legs(thigh and calf), belly & waist. Plus you can up and firms the chest and firms the neck muscles or the upper back. You can manage equally your upper and lower side of the body. Especially, you can exercise the particular parts intensively which are usually not used frequently during exercise and have the accumulated fat.

Easy to use.
BBLINER is the product optimized to create the body line as you want per each part without regard to time and place and is also very effective for the mother's pelvic exercise after childbirth. In addition, applying a Yoga motion of squeezing the bust, it sloughs off the heavy and rough image of the existing fitness equipments, and it adopts a simple design and uses soft feel material to facilitate women's access.

The principle of the BBLINER exercise is designed to get the effect of the exercise in more efficient and shorter time by putting the exercise load on the upper body exercise of Yoga and the pelvic exercise of Pilates which are practiced with bare hands. BBLINER is based on the "low weight, high iterative exercise" as its basic theory. This "low weight, high iterative exercise" is an exercise method to create the delicate and lengthy muscles by repeating the light and easy motion, which is a motion to increase the basic metabolic rate and burn fat to create a thin and beautiful body line.

Are You Tired Of With Being Out of Shape?
Want a Sexy, Slim & Firm Body Without Looking Bulky?

For most women, losing weight and staying in shape can be one of the biggest challenges in life. Women have more enzymes for fat storage and less for fat burning so there is a natural predisposition for women to carry more body fat than men.

If you're a female trying to lose weight or stay in shape, you're not alone. Millions of women have tried diet and fitness programs with little or no results. Most weight-loss supplements contain too many stimulants for a woman's body resulting in an uncomfortable, jittery feeling.

In addition, most workout programs designed for men are not suitable for a woman's body. Men want bulk muscle whereas most women want to look firm without being muscular.

Tone & Firm your Body With A New Woman Exercise Machine!
We have good news for you. If you're a female trying to lose weight or improve your fitness, it is now possible to accomplish this at home. This exercise machine is portable and easy to use
You can use it at home or the office or while watching television.

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