Product code S00313

Water ionizer aQuator classic

Price: 329.00 EUR
319.00 EUR

If you want to have healthy and clean water you will only need one thing – to have at home water ionizer aQuator. Domestic water ionizer is meant for production of ionized alkaline and ionized acidic water. The device is operated with the help of a separate control unit. The volume of the device is 3 litres. Filling the device with ordinary water just in 4 minutes you will obtain in separate vessels 2.7 l of ionized alkaline water and 0.3 l of ionized acidic water. After the set ionization time the device gives a sound signal and switches off automatically. It is an economic, reliable, safe and user-friendly device. With the help of water ionizer aQuator you will be able to produce necessary quantity of ionized water easily and quickly.

The volume of the device is 3 l.

The devices are certified and patented.

24 months warranty.

Produced in the company Burbuliukas, Lithuania.



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