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Ultrasonic device for washing "the ultra"

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Ultraton needed: 

  • Owners of expensive items made of delicate fabrics. The service life of your favorite things is greatly increased.
  • Pensioners save water and electricity.
  • For young mothers - they wash, disinfect, do not deform baby underwear and diapers, make them soft and fragrant.
  • Motorists - wash dirty clothes, car seat covers and soft rugs well.
  • Travelers - they will return the former whiteness to the shirts. By the way, they can even wash in the sink, and they take up space like an electric razor.
  • Summer residents - washing devices do not need reinforced modern electrical wiring and good water pressure in the tap.
  • Students - while you are preparing for your exams, the washing machine will prepare your suit. 

What is an ultrasonic washing machine ULTRATON

Ultrasonic vibrations remove dirt particles not only from the surface of the linen, but also clean it from the inside, penetrating between the fibers of the fabric. This makes ultrasonic washing more effective than mechanical rubbing by hand or washing in an automatic washing machine. In addition, ultrasound has a disinfecting effect and removes unpleasant odors. Therefore, after washing with ULTRATONE, your linen becomes not only clean, but also fragrant.

With the help of ULTRATON, you can clean not only clothes, but also bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, shoes, burnt dishes, scale in pans, children's toys, bags and backpacks, jewelry.

Every day this list increases, people try to wash various things and send more and more new examples of the use of ULTRATON to the manufacturer. Get involved in this process and you.

Before using the washing machine for the first time, be sure to read the Instructions for Use and follow the instructions given therein. And then you will get excellent results.

In the process of washing with ULTRATONE , there is no mixing of the fabric, there is no mechanical friction, and this significantly increases the service life of things , which is especially important for knitted underwear, lace and thin fabrics.

In connection with the increase in the efficiency of the emitter of the modernized washing device "ULTRATON MS-2000", when working in air, it can emit a high-pitched sound that changes in frequency. When washing, when the emitter is in the water among the laundry, this sound is almost inaudible.

Preparing the device for work

Remove the device from the packaging and unwind the connection cable.
Before turning on:

  • carefully inspect the device and make sure that there is no mechanical damage to the power supply housing, connecting cable and emitter disk, which may occur during transportation of the product from the manufacturer; if damage is found, the device cannot be used;
  • if the device is brought into the room from the street at a negative outside temperature, it is necessary to let it warm up at room temperature for one hour.

When working with the ULTRATON device, it is prohibited:

  • immerse the power supply in water;
  • connect the device to the mains if moisture gets into the power supply;
  • operate a device that has mechanical damage to the power supply housing, connecting cable or emitter;
  • touch the power supply with wet hands while it is plugged into the mains;
  • pull the cable to turn off the device;
  • boil laundry with the device;
  • independently open and repair the device;
  • bring the emitter of the turned on device closer to the hearing organs at a distance closer than 0.2 m;
  • wipe parts of the device with gasoline and other solvents.

If moisture gets into the power supply unit, it is necessary to dry it during the day.

The emitter is a non-separable part of the device. To avoid premature failure, do not expose the emitter to strong impacts (falling, hitting with a hard object, etc.). Compliance with the rules and recommendations for using the device will ensure its long-term and reliable operation.

Preparing, sorting and loading laundry

Preparing laundry
Remove all contents from the pockets of your clothes. Use a brush to clean pockets and lapels of sand and debris.

Laundry sorting

  • By color
    Colored laundry may shed. Therefore, colored laundry should be washed separately.
  • According to the degree of pollution

Lightly soiled
No soiling or stains are visible on the laundry. It just has a bad smell.

  • Light summer and sportswear that has been in use for several hours.
  • T-shirts, shirts, blouses that have been in use for one day.
  • Bed linen, towels for guests that were in use for one day.

Moderately soiled and/or slightly stained

  • T-shirts, shirts, blouses soaked in sweat or worn several times.
  • Men's briefs, women's briefs, used one day.
  • Hand towels, bed linen, used within a week.
  • Curtains (without traces of nicotine) that have been in use for half a year.

Heavily soiled
Visible soiling and/or stains

  • Kitchen towels used within a week.
  • Cloth napkins.
  • Baby bibs.
  • Children's outerwear or sportswear soiled with grass or earth.
  • Working clothes, overalls.

Typical stains

  • Sebum, edible oils and fats, sauces, mineral oils, waxes (fat/oil stains).
  • Tea, coffee, red wine, fruit and vegetable juices (bleaching spots).
  • Blood, eggs, milk, starch (protein/carbohydrate stains).
  • Soot, earth, sand (pigment spots).

Stains should preferably be removed with stain removers or pre-treated while they are still fresh.

  • First, the stain must be blotted with a cloth dipped in detergent solution.


  • Then the clothes should be washed.
  • Hard-to-remove or dried-on stains are sometimes removed after only a few washes.
  • Items with protein contamination cannot be washed in hot water - the contamination is "brewed" and remains in the fabric forever!

Detergents and laundry care products

  • When washing with ULTRATONE, you can use both simple inexpensive washing powders and expensive high-quality powders, if the laundry is not worn and does not have strong contamination, it is enough to use simple washing powders. For washing heavily soiled items, it is better to use high-quality washing powders. The consumption of high-quality washing powder per 1 kg of laundry is usually less than the less effective simple one.
  • Depending on the type of fabric (silk, wool, etc.) and its color, it is necessary to choose the appropriate washing powders. All information about washing powders is indicated on their packaging. For washing with ULTRATONE, you can use both hand washing powders and washing powders in automatic machines.
  • When washing colored items and items made of wool, mohair, angora, do not use washing powders containing bleach in their composition. BIO-powders are not recommended for washing woolen fabrics.
  • To remove traces of chocolate, sauces, lipstick, blood, egg yolk, high-quality washing powders containing biologically active substances - enzymes are needed. When using BIO-powders, do not heat the washing water above 40 C! These washing powders are designed for washing in cold water.

Dosage of detergent

The correct dosage ensures a good washing result.
Dosage of detergent should be carried out in accordance with:

  • water hardness;
  • amount of laundry
  • degree of pollution;
  • detergent manufacturer's instructions.

If too little detergent is used:

  • linen does not stretch and becomes gray and hard over time.

If too much detergent is used:

  • the laundry is difficult to rinse well and the detergent after drying may appear on the fabric.

Operating procedure


  • Before washing, the laundry must be soaked (except for wool and knitted fabrics)
  • Take any container for washing (basin, bucket, it can even be a sink, closed with a cork)
  • Fill this container with water that matches the washing temperature indicated on the clothes labels. The temperature must not exceed 65°C.
  • Pour the selected washing powder and carefully dissolve it in water.
  • Immerse the sorted linen in the solution, it must be free in the container and completely immersed in the solution.
  • After 40 minutes, the solution in which the soaking took place must be poured out.


  • Pour a new detergent solution into the laundry container. Temperature and detergent are the same as for soaking. Add bleach if necessary.
  • Immerse the soaked laundry in the laundry container. It must be completely underwater. To do this, wring out the laundry under water, thereby removing excess air.
  • Place the emitter among the laundry. If possible, it should lie horizontally, with the grate up, in the center of the container.
  • Turn on the device by plugging the power supply into a power outlet. The washing process has begun.

During washing, you can stir the laundry with your hands, take the emitter, move it and remove it from the water if necessary.

During washing, there are no visible effects (mixing of the washing solution and linen, vibration, etc.).

The glowing indicator on the power supply indicates the operation of the ULTRATON . The indicator should be lit during the entire time of operation of the device until the power supply is disconnected from the mains.

Washing time for 1 kg of laundry:
Light soiling - at least 40 minutes
Medium soiling - at least 2 hours
Heavy soiling - at least 2.5 hours
Stains - at least 3 hours

ULTRATONE can work around the clock, while it:

  • does not spoil linen (the fabric does not wear out, does not stretch and does not lose color);
  • consumes less electricity than a 20 W light bulb;
  • absolutely electrically safe. You can leave the laundry on all night.
  • During washing, it is recommended to periodically stir the laundry to better rinse off the separated dirt. And when using large containers (bath), periodically change the location of the emitter

At the end of washing:

  • unplug the device from the mains.
  • remove the emitter from the cleaning solution, rinse it with running water and wipe it dry

Security measures

The device complies with sanitary and hygienic requirements and does not adversely affect humans and pets. During the washing process (if the water temperature permits), you can dip your hands into the soapy solution and touch the emitter disk.


Store the device in a dry place, in individual packaging. Avoid falls.