EXTREME-MACHINE / X-MACHINE is the first attraction simulator of virtual reality in the world.

100% real and positive emotions – satisfaction of you customers!

Exclusive content and the biggest film library of specialised films for virtual reality attractions on the basis of Oculus Rift.

What is Extreme-machine?
Extreme-machine is the first attraction in the world that allows to immerse oneself into the virtual world and enjoy extreme experience!

Thanks to special content and additional effects (air, water) you feel what you see.

Extreme-machine, an Oculus 5D attraction of extreme experience, is a new development. What makes it different from other 5D attractions is, that it provides more vivid experience thanks to full immersion in the virtual reality – you can see the things happening around you in a 360 degree format, and not just on the screen, at the same time feeling fast movement, jumps and shaking as if it was actually happening.

Virtual reality is undergoing dynamic development. Already now it is attracting stable interest on visitors – everyone wants to experience immersion into an unreal world. Extreme-machine attraction allows to do this.

Compact dimensions allow to use the attraction separately in small areas (3 square metres), as well as together with other attractions in one gaming zone.
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We are amazed by bravery and skills of extreme sportsmen, and we admire those dangerous and beautiful places where they perform their unbelievable stunts. Most of us do not get an opportunity to travel abroad in order to ride on a real rollercoaster, enjoy mountain skiing or fly a hang glider very often. Now, thanks to Extreme-machine, we can also experience that. With Extreme-machine Oculus Rift 5D one does not need to take chances in order to go down a mountain slope at a great speed, jump from a cliff into water, experience joy of height and emotions of free fall, feel insane speed and fear of falling into an abyss.

Based on the nature of virtual perception we offer you a “standing” attraction.

Do you wonder why?
Nate Mitchell, the founder of Oculus VR, said: “Some of our demos in which you must stand are created for demonstration of sensation of presence. When you are standing the presence is significantly stronger, just like audio or a system for reducing time of image persistence, which reduces blurring. When you are standing and there is free space around you, the brain perceives virtual surrounding much better than when you are sitting on a chair or on a sofa”.

Extreme-machine also has dynamics of a platform, it is light, compact and mobile, it can be supplied to the ordering party in a minimum set, which allows to significantly reduce required investments and ensures fast payback.

An operating attraction requires very little space (3 square metres) and does not require a separate pavilion. It can be installed in areas of shopping centres, at exhibitions, in the street, in entertainment centres and parks. It is ideal for travelling and mobile business.

Attraction payback time: 3 - 4 months.

The concept of extreme sports is especially attractive for general public, as it causes emotions similar to realistic ones. New impressions make customers come back again and again.

 Video presentation:


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