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Valgus Pro - a clamp for correcting the deformed thumb.

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Different types and levels of stress each person is a subject to affect their ability to cope with their daily lives. In cases of more intensive and stressful lifestyles many various health problems may occur. Some of them are genetically enshrined in our DNA. Others are unlocked under certain conditions and circumstances. The end result in both cases, however, is discomfort and suffering.

In cases where the disease or deformity are treatable and correctable one should take immediate steps in this direction in order to recover and return to their normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

These days, one of the most commonly met problems with people of different age and gender is a process that is associated with permanent deformation of the big toe. This disease is called Hallux Valgus. In general, it is characterized by damage to the formulation of the first finger. Accordingly, the finger deviates to the side that has tilted the median of the body. The disease develops as a result of a defect in the balance of the muscular articulation.

Thus, the first metatarsal bone begins to depart towards the inside, and the underlying bone of the thumb begins to ‘sticking’ outside. Due to the constant pressure, the deformed thumb becomes inflamed, as a result of the friction with shoes. As a general rule, this causes bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joints). Moreover, the constant pressure causes a change in the bone. The outer dimensions of the deformation are characterized by swelling, tenderness, pain and excessive irritability of the thumb.

Improper position and angle of bending cause premature wear of the main connection between bone and cartilage.

A number of doctors and manufacturers have made great efforts in trying to resolve the problem. This leads to the creation of Valgus Pro – joint retainer of new generation, intended for the treatment and prevention of deformation of the toes.
What is Valgus Pro?

The product is a small plate, where the patient should insert their big toe. Valgus Pro is made of 100% natural materials and is effective both in the initial and in the advanced stage of the disease. Its use is practically unnoticeable as it perfectly fits any type of shoe and instantly eliminates the pain and discomfort when walking. The revolutionary method of dealing with the deformation of the big toe is the fastest, easy and painless way for anyone injured to deal with this situation.
Causes of Hallux Valgus

Literally everyone is at risk because no one is immune from having problems with the big toe. This is due to the fact that the causes of this disorder are heterogeneous. It can be unlocked by various factors. Among the most common conditions for deflection of the fingers are:

    Genetic Predisposition
    Excessive Wearing of Tight Shoes and High Heels
    Damage to the Nervous Tissue (Crippling Deformities)

Advantages of Valgus Pro

This special product supports the deformed big toe in the correct form, not allowing it to distort during walking. The unique features of the retainer normalize the physiological state of the toe, which is affected by Hallux Valgus. Also, the product eliminates all other discomforts and symptoms that are associated with the disease – it removes redness of the skin and swelling of the fingers, prevents fragmentation on the front foot. As a result, the pain disappears and prolonged use of the product (at least 6-8 hours per day) permanently normalizes the position of the deformed bone.
Valgus Pro and Other Methods of Dealing with Hallux Valgus

Medicine utilizes various methods of treatment of this deformation of the big toe. Unfortunately, most approaches are expensive, and the effect is partial and short. Compared to this situation, scientists’ research prove that the retainer is the best way to treat deformated fingers.

In comparison with it, here’s a sample list of other treatments presented with prices and expected % of efficacy:

    Ointments for Local Treatment – 12% improvement (risk of allergic reactions) price – €50.
    Massage and Physiotherapy – 25% efficiency, price – €125.
    Surgery – 25% improvement (linked to a long and painful recovery period. A relapse is possible), price – €150.

How to Use?

In order to achieve optimum positive effect, the patient should wear Valgus Pro between 6 and 10 hours a day. The first visible improvement occurs between 10 and 14 days. Method of placement: place the plate, set fixation so that the outside of the finger can be firmly secured. Valgus Pro can be worn absolutely discreet and inconspicuous. It is suitable for everyday use and fits all types of footwear. Thanks to its special shape, it fits perfectly to the feet and remains completely invisible. The material which it is made of is so elastic that there is no risk of injury. And most importantly – you do not need to change your normal rhythm of life and related activities.