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"OUFv-02 Solnyshko" Ultraviolet quartz irradiator

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Quartz irradiator Solnyshko OUFv-02 is a continuation of the OUFK series of quartz irradiators. The ultraviolet irradiator OUFv-02 Solnyshko is intended for local irradiation and for disinfection of premises.
The irradiator ultraviolet quartz Solnyshko-OUFv-02 has a good effect on metabolism, on blood circulation, increases the body's resistance to various diseases and infections. Read more: treatment with ultraviolet irradiators Sun

The main difference between the OUFK-02 Solnyshko quartz lamp and the OUFK-01 Sun quartz lamp is the increased lamp power, which increases the reliability and service life of the quartz lamp.


Ultraviolet irradiator OUFv-02 "Solnyshko" (quartz lamp Solnyshko) is intended for therapeutic use of general, local and intracavitary (local) irradiation with an effective integral radiation spectrum in the range of 180-400 nm for infectious, infectious-allergic, inflammatory, post-traumatic diseases and injuries in medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.), sanatoriums, dispensaries, as well as at home for the whole family.

Irradiation is carried out according to the following methods:
- irradiation of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, external auditory canal, vagina in inflammatory, infectious-allergic, infectious diseases;
- local irradiation of the skin in diseases and traumatic injuries of the skin;
- general irradiation for skin diseases, disorders of phosphorus-calcium metabolism with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, rickets;
- sterilization of the room with ultraviolet radiation, incl. to prevent the spread of acute respiratory infections and influenza at home.

• Irradiance in the effective spectral range corresponds to the table.

Table - Irradiation of OUFv-02 "Solnyshko"

Irradiation type Nominal value, W / m2
With general irradiation at a distance of 0.5 m from the irradiated surface no more than 2.0
With local irradiation at the cut of the tube Ø5mm not less than 1.6
With local irradiation at the cut of the tube Ø15mm not less than 2.0
With local irradiation on an oblique cut 60 ° not less than 2.2

Power consumption from the power supply is not more than 300 W.
The time for establishing the operating mode of the product does not exceed 1 minute from the moment the UV lamp of the illuminator lights up.
The product provides operation for 8 hours a day in a cyclic mode - 30 minutes work - 30 minutes break (without tubes and flaps) - 15 minutes work - 30 minutes break (with tubes and flaps).
Overall dimensions of the OUFv-02 irradiator no more than 260x140x130 mm;
Kit weight no more: 1 kg
In terms of electrical safety, the irradiator belongs to protection class II, type BF GOST R 50267.0-92.
Supply voltage (220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 0.5) Hz.

Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator for local irradiation OUFv-02 "Solnyshko";
Open goggles O37-UV Universal Titan;
Tube with an outlet Ø5 mm;
Tube with outlet Ø15 mm;
Tube with an outlet at an angle of 60 °;

Instructions for use;

General ultraviolet irradiation is indicated for:
increasing the body's resistance to various infections, including influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections;
prevention and treatment of rickets in children, pregnant and lactating women, especially in the Arctic regions or in areas with a low amount of solar radiation;
treatment of inflammatory diseases of internal organs (especially the respiratory system), peripheral nervous system;
normalization of the immune status in chronic sluggish inflammatory processes;
to normalize phosphorus-calcium metabolism, improve reparative processes in bone fractures;
treatment of pyoderma, common pustular diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
compensation of ultraviolet (solar) deficiency for persons whose professional activity is associated with conditions of lack of sunlight: submariners, miners, during the polar night;
the prevalence of furunculosis and other pyoderma of the skin;
widespread psoriasis, winter form;
atonic dermatitis (common neurodermatitis).

General ultraviolet irradiation is prescribed, taking into account individual characteristics and sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation.

Local (local) UFO of the skin is shown:
bronchial asthma;
chronic bronchitis, prolonged course;
acute and chronic neuralgia and neuropathy of the peripheral nerves;
deforming arthrosis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis;
traumatic injuries of the skin and the musculoskeletal system (bone fractures);
purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, bedsores, inflammatory infiltrates, furuncles, carbuncles;
acute and chronic erysipelas;
shingles (hegres zosteg);
acute and chronic inflammation of the female genital organs.

Intracavitary UFO:
periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingvinitis;
chronic tonsillitis;
chronic subatrophic pharyngitis, acute pharyngitis;
acute rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis;
acute respiratory disease (ARI);
acute and chronic inflammation of the outer and middle ear;
acute and chronic inflammation of the vagina.

malignant neoplasms at any time during the course of the disease, incl. after radical operations;
systemic connective tissue diseases;
active form of pulmonary tuberculosis;
feverish conditions;
bleeding tendency;
circulatory insufficiency of the II and III degrees;
arterial hypertension of the III degree;
severe atherosclerosis;
myocardial infarction (first 2-3 weeks);
acute violation of cerebral circulation;
diseases of the kidneys and liver with insufficient function;
peptic ulcer during an exacerbation;
chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis with symptoms of process activity;
hypersensitivity to UV rays, photodermatosis.

Recommendations for the use of an ultraviolet quartz irradiator A                                                                         

quartz (ultraviolet, bactericidal) lamp is designed to improve the body's health in the winter months. In winter, when our body receives almost no sunlight, irradiation with quartz has a very good effect.

The duration of the irradiation should be increased gradually, starting from 1 minute and reaching 5 minutes. Especially carefully it is necessary to protect the eyes from the light of a quartz lamp. You don't have to wear sunglasses, which leave unsightly streaks on your skin. A cotton swab or small piece of paper will protect your eyelids from excessive light. If you do not, you will ruin your eyes and, in addition, wrinkles will form, since the skin around the eyes is especially thin and devoid of fatty layers. If some time after the end of the session you have a severe headache, nervous irritation, dizziness, it is better to abandon the quartz lamp once and for all, even when you really want to give your white skin a golden hue.

Before irradiation with quartz, smear the skin with oil or cream, but not very liberally. The oil or cream must be rubbed evenly. With oily skin, if the sebaceous glands are working too intensely, you can achieve good results by performing procedures under the supervision of a doctor. Acne, which often affects young people during puberty, is well treated with a quartz lamp.

In the presence of sensitive or dry skin, which is easily covered with cracks, if there are dilated blood vessels, it is necessary to abandon the quartz lamp altogether, in this case the use of the darsonval apparatus is recommended .

Those who suffer from freckles should take quartz sessions regularly, two to three times a week, for several minutes during the winter months. The skin will acquire an even color, and brown specks will not be conspicuous when the first hot rays herald the beginning of spring. The quartz lamp helps with various hair diseases, as well as hair loss. But good results can be achieved only if the doctor's prescriptions are followed exactly. Each person responds to treatment differently, so there are no general rules.
This quartz lamp is not intended for tanning treatments.

It should be noted that bactericidal irradiators cannot be used in the presence of such diseases as active tuberculosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, blood diseases, thyrotoxicosis and some others. Therefore, before you start using the ultraviolet irradiator, you must carefully read the instructions attached to the device, as well as consult your doctor about possible contraindications.

Please also refer to the additional instructions for use of quartz UV lamps .

Other names for a quartz lamp: irradiator, ultraviolet lamp, uv lamp, blue lamp, uvd lamp, germicidal lamp, quartz, germicidal irradiator, mercury quartz lamp, orku lamp, quartz irradiator.