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Applicator with plastic needles (Kuznetsov

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Needle applicator No. 152 (Kuznetsov's applicator) is designed to relieve pain in muscles, joints and spine, to normalize the activity of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, the gastrointestinal tract.
The high density of the needles and their short length do not allow the needles to enter the skin. As a result, the needles have an intense point massaging effect.

Needle applicator No. 152 is a tissue base with plastic plates glued to it, studded with a large number of needles several millimeters high.

Number of modules: 152 modules.
Dimensions: 260 x 590 mm.

Features of the Needle Applicator No. 152:
  • accelerated recovery of energy and human performance;
  • increase elasticity and restore normal skin tone;
  • improvement of venous circulation;
  • normalization of sleep, removal of stressful conditions and increased nervous excitement;
  • reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits due to increased blood circulation in the surface tissues of the skin;
  • restoration of mobility in the joints;
  • removal of pain in muscle tissues, spine;
  • elimination of headache;
  • increased sexual activity.
in the presence of papillomas and any tumors (this can cause their accelerated growth), with inflammation of the walls of the veins and thrombophlebitis (blockage), if there are moles, warts and any skin diseases at the site of possible application of the applicator.
pharmachologic effect
The Kuznetsov applicator (also called a yoga mat) is a linen mat with 152 plastic needle modules attached to it, which intensively affect the skin, helping to normalize metabolic processes, reduce pain symptoms, and relax muscles. The length and frequency of the needles are designed so as not to damage the skin even on the most delicate parts of the body: the chest, the back of the arms, the lateral surface of the body. At the same time, the needles are sharp enough for the procedure to have not only a relaxing, but also a healing effect. A strong point effect promotes the improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, calms the nerves, and regulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
In what cases should you use the Kuznetsov applicator?- if you need to increase the overall tone of the body and improve the quality of sexual life; - if you have headaches; - if you need to reduce the level of pain in the joints, spine or muscles; - if there are problems with joint mobility, with contracture; - if there are problems with the skin (its tone is reduced); - if there are sleep disturbances, neurosis and all kinds of consequences of stress; - if there is excess weight, AK will help enhance metabolic processes; - if you need to improve blood circulation in the veins, incl. if there is varicose veins, however, without signs of thrombophlebitis; if necessary, improve blood circulation in superficial tissues; - for the speedy return of strength to the body after sports (competitions, training, etc.), physically prolonged work.
Recommendations for use:In order for the applicator to start working, it is enough to put it on a soft surface and lie on top. The light impact of needles on the skin tones it, increases elasticity, rejuvenates. In case of pain, it is recommended to use hard surfaces (boards, floors) as a basis. If you experience severe discomfort during the procedure, then place a thin layer of foam rubber or a terry towel under the applicator. Use the applicator on the painful area.
To relieve a headache, you need to press the applicator with your hands to the back of the head or the back of the neck. You can increase the mobility of the joints by wrapping the applicator on the front or side of the thigh or ankle, the outer side of the forearm. You can fix the device with an elastic bandage or an ordinary towel. Standing on the mat for a short time will help with leg fatigue. By acting on the feet, Kuznetsov's applicator relieves swelling, normalizes blood flow, preventing the development of thrombosis and varicose veins.
During the day, the applicator can be used to increase performance. To do this, simply press the applicator to the surface of the body for 2-3 minutes.
To increase potency, the applicator should act on the back of the thigh (above the knee). Try the applicator on different parts of the body and choose the treatments that are best for you. Remember that during the procedure you should not experience severe pain, the pressure should remain at a normal level, and the heart rate may increase only slightly. If weakness, perspiration, dizziness appear, shorten the duration of the procedure or refuse to treat the part of the body during which the symptoms appeared