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"Make a body" - a universal simulator

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How often do we look with envy at slender and toned models and men with relief muscles! And every time we again and again make a promise to ourselves from Monday to start leading a healthy lifestyle, go on a diet and finally sign up for a gym. But Monday comes, and the routine again captures us. We spend the whole day sitting in the office or driving a car, eating a pie on the go, and in the evening, having finally reached the house, we fall exhausted on the sofa in front of the TV. Going to the gym is out of the question. And now extra pounds and back pain appear, and our figure is moving further and further away from the desired ideal.

But progress does not stand still, and a fundamentally new development has appeared on the sporting goods market - the Make-a-Body simulator for use at home. This is just an option for those who would like to improve their health and put their figure in order, but there is not enough time to visit sports clubs.

"Make a body" is a hollow hoop weighing 3 kg, with a section diameter of 7 cm, made of elastic material and with an internal pressure of up to 10 atmospheres. Unlike bulky imported simulators and other "iron", which is sometimes impossible to force yourself to approach, this is a resilient elastic hoop, which is just a pleasure to work with. The exercise machine "Make a body" is very convenient to use and does not take up much space. The simulator can either be twisted around the waist like a regular hoop, or you can perform various gymnastic exercises that develop grace, improve posture and the general physical condition of the body.

A set of exercises for the simulator "Make a body" was developed by specialists of fitness centers on the basis of shaping programs and even beginners can do it. A set of belts is attached to the simulator, with the help of which 10 variants of the simulator are obtained, on which you can perform more than 90 different exercises for almost all muscle groups. Moreover, exercises on the "Make a Body" simulator are recommended by exercise therapy doctors for correcting posture and recovering from injuries, as well as adaptive exercises for patients with cerebral palsy.
The "Make a body" trainer gives loads depending on the air pressure, the chosen position and the shape, which can be changed with the help of belts, and is able to give the required effort as a child,

The simulator is ideal for every member of the family.
Moms will be able to regain their former harmony and grace and get rid of "problem" areas. After all, daily rotation of the hoop for 15-20 minutes a day leads to a decrease in waist circumference up to 12 cm in the first month of classes, and with health benefits, unlike diet pills. At the same time, most of the exercises are accompanied by massage, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and leads to a reduction in cellulite. Calories are burned, the cardiovascular system is trained, more oxygen enters the body.

Performing strength exercises on the simulator, dads will finally be able to get rid of the "beer" belly and pump up the muscles of the arms and legs. For men who play sports at a more professional level, the Body Make machine is perfect as a sports equipment that warms up all muscle groups for standard workouts in the gym.

The "Make a Body" simulator is recommended for the elderly, because after a month of training, back pain will subside and blood pressure will decrease, flexibility and mobility of the joints will remain, general well-being and vitality will improve.

Well, for children  , the "Make a body" simulator is an interesting and useful toy that will not only direct your baby's vital energy in the right direction, but also help to acquire the correct posture (which is so important for schoolchildren!) And ensure good physical development of the child.

Thus, almost every member of the family can create an individual training program for himself on the "Make a Body" simulator , select the necessary load, and most importantly, exercise when it is convenient for him!

Exercise machine "Make a body" -  PERFECTION IS INFINITE!


Forms of the simulator for exercises - look

Arms Hands
Forearm and biceps
Pectoral muscles of the shoulder and biceps
Upper shoulder girdle
Biceps, trapezius and deltoid muscles
Breast Chest Chest
muscles Chest
muscles and biceps
Triceps and chest muscles
Back Upper back
muscles Muscles - extensors of the back
Waist Press
Hips Thighs and buttocks
Inner and outer thighs