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Doctor redox lounger is the only massage product in the world that promotes the production of electric vitamins - microcurrents without wires and batteries, which a person can produce and consume when interacting with metals. A dose of electric vitamins received in the morning stimulates the natural stretching reflex, which, in turn, stretches the spine and protects it and the entire body from aging. Electric vitamins 1-5 μA.

The Dr. Redox bed is less scratchy: Suitable for people with a low pain threshold (the spikes of the bed at an angle of 45 degrees cause minimal tactile sensations compared to the doctor redox scratchy bed).

Made from high quality medical steel. Suitable for daily use to prevent osteochondrosis and other degenerative diseases of the spine, as well as back pain.

Dr. Redox's bed with electric vitamins, having a powerful reflex and systemic effect on the body,

improves peripheral blood circulation;

– relieves psycho-emotional and muscle tension;

– increases the level of wakefulness and stress resistance.

Relaxing on Dr. Redox's lounger provides quick relaxation and relief from various types of back pain.  

We recommend having two loungers for the most comfortable lifestyle change. You don't need to carry the lounger from the bed to the bathroom and back. Each lounger is in its place and corresponds to its purpose of “rest/wakefulness”.

To implement a new habit, place a lounger on the bathroom floor under the sink. Brush your teeth every day while standing on it barefoot. With your feet together along the lounger, move your center of balance from one leg to the other. It doesn't require a second of extra time.
Relaxing on Dr. redox's lounger provides quick relaxation and relief from pain of various types. Place the Dr. redox bed under the painful area, after freeing it from clothing. Take the most comfortable position while lying on a lounger. You choose the rest time yourself (from several minutes to several hours).
For anti-cellulite effects, place the lounger under the problem area: buttocks, thighs or soft tissues of the abdomen; it is possible to use it together with anti-cellulite cosmetics. You choose the time of use yourself.

– increasing the level of wakefulness, stress resistance, endurance; – improvement of peripheral blood circulation – elimination of sweating and chilliness of the feet, prevention of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, pain in the joints; – stimulation of the stretching reflex, which stretches the spine, – prevention of spinal diseases and back pain; – improvement of the condition of the articular-ligamentous apparatus; – rapid relaxation and relief of pain syndromes of various types (vertebrogenic, abdominal pain syndrome, neuralgic pain, post-traumatic pain syndrome, myalgia); – intense heating without greenhouse effect; – improved sleep quality; – anti-cellulite effect.

Physiological actions
When you transfer your body weight from one leg to the other, while standing on the barbed electrodes of the lounger, an action potential is formed on the leg that experiences a greater load; on the leg with less load – resting potential. Due to the potential difference, an alternating emf and alternating current are formed. The phenomenon of a person generating currents of galvanic skin origin while standing on an electrically conductive surface is called “Electric vitamins.” The total effect of electric vitamins on the reticular formation, limbic and hypothalamic structures leads to an increase in the level of wakefulness (consciousness, attention, ability to concentrate, effective situational response, etc.) and activation of adaptation mechanisms. A nonspecific reflex effect on skin receptors and activation of the autonomic nervous system provide improved peripheral blood supply and blood flow in organs and skeletal muscles, while improving the diffusion of nutrients into the cartilage tissue of the joints. The spinal traction reflex is also stimulated, which promotes the natural traction mechanism and healing of the tissues of the spinal column. The stretching reflex is an unconditioned reflex, which is a natural mechanism for stretching the spine with the own back muscles; its presence ensures the prevention of degenerative changes in the spinal column. Doctor redox lounger has a powerful reflex effect on the body. This makes it possible to effectively stimulate antinociceptive mechanisms, both at the local, segmental and central levels. At the same time, competitive foci of excitation are formed in the limbic structures and cerebral cortex, suppressing the activity of pathological foci of pain impulses. In addition, there is evidence of stimulation of the humoral component of the antinociceptive system and, in particular, its endorphin component. Stimulation of the production of endorphins, suppression of pathological efferentation from the limbic structures and cerebral cortex, as well as a direct relaxing effect on spasmodic skeletal muscles in the area of ​​the pathological focus ensures the high effectiveness of surface reflexology on the prickly electrodes of the doctor redox lounger in relation to the relief of acute dorsalgia and the fight against chronic vertebrogenic pain syndrome. The most important advantage of this method is safety and the absence of side effects.


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