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Air cleaner for refrigerator «AirComfort XJ 100»

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The air purifier for the refrigerator "AirComfort" destroys bacteria and unpleasant odors, and also preserves the freshness of food by enriching the internal environment of the refrigerator with ozone. Under the action of the purifier, over 96% of various microbes such as E. coli (colibacilius), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Bacillus pyocyaneus), etc., polluting food, die within three hours at a standard ozone concentration; sources of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator are eliminated and food contamination by bacteria is prevented. The AirComfort Air Purifier also prevents odors from penetrating between foods and eliminates specific odors that offend your sense of smell when you open the refrigerator.

Features of the device:
Prevents the penetration of odors between products in your refrigerator
Permanently sterilizes the refrigerator compartment of your refrigerator
Choice of operating modes of sterilization
Reduces the likelihood of food spoilage
Destroys pesticides contained in fruits and vegetables
Can be successfully used as an air purifier for toilets, bathrooms, cars .
The indicator reminds you to replace the batteries.
Power from 4 batteries is enough for 150 days.

Air Comfort XJ-100
Air Comfort XJ-100
Air Comfort XJ-100
Eliminate bad odors
Keeping food fresh


Rated supply voltage 6 V DC
Power consumption within 3 months after each battery change
Power supply 4 AA batteries (6 W)
Effective Volume 250 liters
O 3 concentration <0.5 mg/cm3
Dimensions 130x65x80 (mm)
The weight 190 g

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.