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Cosmetic apparatus "NEVOTON AK - 201 A" + power supply unit.

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- Electromyostimulator for low-frequency pulse therapy, galvanization and electrophoresis in
physiotherapy and cosmetology portable.

Product Description

In just five weeks of incredibly pleasant treatments, you will feel youthful and full of energy.
In the morning, NEVOTON will allow you to correct wrinkles, relieve puffiness and give your skin a fresh, rested look.
In the evening, NEVOTON will help to relax the muscles of the face and neck, relieve psychological stress.
In addition, NEVOTON removes minor cosmetic defects: red mesh, age spots, etc.

Indications for use



Galvanic face cleansing
Iontophoresis, which increases skin elasticity
Removal of rosacea (capillary mesh)
Softening and removal of scars
Removal of small and significant smoothing of large wrinkles
Whitening of age spots
Care for dry and oily skin
Treatment of rosacea

Contraindications to use

Acute infectious diseases and febrile conditions of unknown
cardiac etiology- vascular and other severe somatic diseases
Malignant neoplasms
The presence of an implanted pacemaker
Individual current intolerance
Systemic blood diseases
Bleeding and a tendency to bleeding
Skin rashes, eczema
Sensitivity of teeth, chronic periodontitis, cysts, granulomas of the teeth
Diseases of the thyroid gland
Cysts and neoplastic diseases of the breast
The presence of golden threads

Application features

Oily skin, acne.

Under the influence of the NEVOTON apparatus, the sebaceous glands normalize and the secretion of sebaceous secretion is reduced. NEVOTON normalizes the natural mechanisms of skin cleansing, prevents the appearance of acne.

Fine and mimic wrinkles.

The formation of wrinkles is associated with the habitual movement of facial muscles and the formation of tissue memory. The action of the apparatus in the galvanization mode helps to relax the pathologically contracted muscle fibers and to naturally restore the homogeneity of muscle tissue. Outwardly, this manifests itself in smoothing the skin surface and eliminating wrinkles. Face, eyelid and neck contour lifting. The myostimulating mode of the NEVOTON apparatus improves the tone of the required muscles and tightens the skin. Facial features become brighter and facial expressions are more expressive. Visually, the neck looks thinner and longer, and the skin looks younger.

Dry skin.

The impact of the NEVOTON apparatus leads to saturation of the tissue with water molecules and the restoration of the springy properties of collagen and elastin - fibers "responsible" for the elasticity of the skin and its resistance to mechanical stress.

Cellulite and stretch marks.

The procedures performed by the NEVOTON apparatus restore the structure of the skin's connective tissue (elastin and collagen fibers) and promote a more even distribution of fatty inclusions. Local improvement of blood circulation leads to acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues and fat utilization. The elastic-elastic properties of the surface layers of the skin are restored, as a result of which its cellularity and roughness decrease.

Frequently asked questions

1.Can I use NEVOTON AK-201 with other cosmetics instead of the myogels you offer?
Yes, the use of a cosmetic device is possible with the use of any water-based cosmetic product (properly selected for your skin type).

2. Hello!
Tell me if I can use Nevoton if I have 2 small nodules on my thyroid gland, my hormones are normal, my thyroid gland is not enlarged.

You need to consult with your attending physician whether galvanic and impulse currents will harm you, because diseases of the thyroid gland are a contraindication to use.

3. Hello, I have three questions! Can Nevoton be used to remove the capillary mesh on the legs with varicose veins?
Can a device be used to remove a scar after a fall on the forehead of a one and a half year old child?
If a cyst is in the breast (before breastfeeding it was less than a centimeter) now, while I am feeding it, it is not possible to use Nevoton for procedures on the face and other breast?

Removal of the capillary mesh on the legs, possibly when using the AK-201 cosmetic device, under the influence of currents, the capillaries narrow and no longer show through the surface layers of the skin. But with varicose veins, in your cases, the use of the device is not recommended.
Also, in the presence of cystic and various neoplasms, the use of currents is contraindicated.

You can use the device for a child in order to smooth out scars on the face, but there may be unpleasant sensations during the procedure.

4.I am 50 years old. Will the device "Nevoton AK-201" help me in my face care or is it too late to do it?

The action of the device "Nevoton AK-201" is aimed at rejuvenating the skin, due to the improvement of blood circulation and nutrition of the skin under the action of the device "Nevoton AK-201" exfoliation of keratinized skin particles and smoothing of wrinkles occurs. The action of the device "Nevoton AK-201" is very soft and physiological, heals and strengthens the skin. At your age, the device "Nevoton AK-201" is shown like no other. Use it to your health.

5. Hello, two questions: 1. I had a cesarean section, can I use Nevoton to smooth the suture and how effective will it be?

You can use the lidase ampoule solution to smooth scars, but with extreme caution during lactation. It is necessary to reduce the course of procedures recommended by the instruction manual.

6. Can I use the device for fibroids?

You need to contact your attending physician in order to consult regarding the use of the device, because the principle of operation is galvanic and impulse currents, and oncology is a contraindication to use.

7. Hello! Does galvanic cleaning mean desicrustation? i.e. is it possible at home using NEVOTON AK-201?

Yes, with the NEVOTON AK-201 apparatus and a properly selected contact solution, you can perform galvanic cleaning at home.

8. I have just purchased your Nevoton AK-201. Please tell me, in addition to its main purpose, can it somehow be used in case of stagnant milk in the breast for warming up? If so, in which mode?

During pregnancy and lactation, it is not recommended to carry out physiotherapy procedures associated with the use of any currents.

9. Where can you read how you can remove stretch marks and tighten the abdominal skin after childbirth? You write what can be removed, but you do not explain how. Thanks in advance. Alina.

Stretch marks are areas of the skin with a reduced density of collagen and elastin fibers. The procedures performed by the NEVOTON apparatus restore the structure of the connective tissue of the dermis (elastin and collagen fibers) and contribute to a more even distribution of
fatty inclusions. Local improvement of blood circulation leads to acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues and fat utilization. The elastic-elastic properties of the surface layers of the skin are restored, as a result of which its cellularity and roughness decrease.

10. Can Nevoton AK-201 be used by pregnant women?

Any physiotherapeutic effect is contraindicated in pregnant women
women and "NEVOTON AK 201" as well. But "NEVOTON AK 201" will be very useful to you after giving birth. You will be able to take care of yourself freely, remove stretch marks on the abdomen and hips, tighten skin that has lost its elasticity.

11. Is it possible to use the device "NEVOTON AK 201" from the mains? "

Yes, you can. A power supply unit has been developed especially for our devices. But we guarantee the correct operation of the devices and your personal safety ONLY when working with the NEVOTON power supply.

12. I want to buy Nevoton AK-201, but I doubt whether it will help me in eliminating scars after acne. Can you please tell me if you have a more effective apparatus for this problem or will Nevoton AK-201 help me?

As a result of the long-term existence of acne, small scars and scars do form on the skin. Each scar is an overgrown connective tissue of increased density and reduced elasticity. The use of the NEVOTON apparatus helps to normalize the elastic properties of the dermis. The device normalizes water exchange, restores the structure and proportional ratio of collagen and elastin molecules. As a result, retracted skin areas are smoothed out and scars are smoothed out.

13. “Can I change the electrode from Nevoton AK-201 to a new one with a plastic handle. I don't like that you need to wrap the electrode with a napkin and moisten it. All the time I'm afraid of the current and the damp electrode handle. And here you have it in the picture with a plastic handle and dry. "

When carrying out the procedure using aqueous or alcoholic solutions, it is necessary to wrap the passive part of the electrode with a moistened napkin, and this must also be done when using an electrode with a plastic handle.
The manufacturer guarantees complete electrical safety when working with the Nevoton AK-201 cosmetic device: firstly, due to the low voltage and current strength (no more than 5 mA); secondly, due to the lack of communication with the 220 V power supply network, both when operating on battery power and when using the unit.

14.  I live in Germany. Please tell me how I can get Nevoton AK-201.

If you live in one of the EU countries, you can order our products on the website ... Delivery of goods to EU countries, after you have paid for the order, is carried out by mail as soon as possible.