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AIC XJ-225

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Climate complex AIC XJ-225 , a modern device specially designed to maintain
optimal purity and humidity of the indoor air, using the technologies of hydrofiltration, ionization, air filtration, UV exposure and water. The device is intended for maintenance of domestic and office premises.

Distinctive features of AIC XJ-225

Hydrofiltration (air washing)
Photocatalytic purification
Air ionization
UV air treatment
Electronic control
7-color illumination
Natural humidification
Hydrofiltration technology is a process when indoor air passes through an air-water dispersive recovery zone, where effective purification, humidification and destruction of harmful impurities of the air flow take place. This allows you to effectively clean the air and humidify the room, remove the smallest particles of dust, allergens, and eliminate extraneous unstable odors.
High-quality air purification and humidification is achieved through advanced technology of hydrofiltration (washing the air with water), separation, filtration, ionization, UV and photocatalytic effects.

Differences from the XJ-256 model:

No night mode.
No digital display.
Silver color, transparent water tank.

1. Under the action of the built-in circulating supercharger, the water rises up into the air dispersion reduction zone. The special design of the circulating water blower allows you to create a sixteen-tiered water curtain through which air is pumped, where the process of washing and saturating the air with moisture, simultaneous filtration and destruction of harmful impurities, separation of heavier pollutants
elements that, together with excess water, fall to the lower cleaning level, or settle in the pan. This allows you to effectively clean the air ("air wash") in the room, remove the smallest dust particles, allergens and eliminate extraneous unstable odors.
2. The water filter cuts off water mist and possible residual pollutants in the air.
3.4. When the "UV lamp" function is turned on, UV light is turned on, the wavelength of which affects the photocatalytic filter, activating it. Photocatalysis effectively fights the smallest particles of viruses, plant spores, and some types of odors. Also, when the UV lamp is turned on, the pumped air is sterilized.
5. Ionization enriches the air with negatively charged ions. Negative ions make the air fresh and clean. Effectively activate oxygen molecules, reduce tension and concentrate attention.

AIC XJ-225 User Manual (PDF Format)

Device model: XJ-225
Mains voltage, V/Hz: 220-230/50
Power consumption, Wt.: 18
Water tank volume, l: 4.5
Overall dimensions, mm: 245x350x245
Net weight, kg.: 3.5
Service area, m2: up to 25
Air exchange rate, m3/h: 100
Formation of negative ions: >1000000 ion/cm3
Noise level: <28 dB (A)