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Ultratech SD-199 Aesthetic premium darsonval with five nozzles!

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Darsonval Ultratek SD 199 (Ultratech SD-199) is the only Russian-made device for darsonvolization in the Premium class segment.
A voltage stabilizer is built into the power supply unit of the Ultratech darsenval apparatus (Ultratech SD-199), therefore, during the procedure, the optimal voltage is maintained, excluding both a possible drop in the efficiency of the device, and vice versa, "unexpected" electric shocks that are unacceptable during the professional use of the device in cosmetology and medical practice .
The device for darsonvalization Ultratech (Ultratech SD-199) comes in a spectacular box and with a cosmetic bag in the form of a bag.

The main advantage of the Ultratek darsenval (Ultratech SD-199) is that it is the only darsonval, produced in various Trendy colors: Red and Blue mother-of -pearl. Choose your color!

Ultratech is the only darsenval that comes with a beach cosmetic bag, which is convenient not only to store the device, but also to take it with you to the country house and on trips. Darsenval will always be at hand, and will help maintain your beauty and health in any conditions.
Often darsenval can be seen in beauty salons, dispensaries and physiotherapy rooms. Doctors and cosmetologists use dorsenval to treat various diseases, as well as for massage procedures.

Darsonval is a unique medical device, the effectiveness of which has been recognized by cosmetologists, physiotherapists and dermatologists around the world for the past 118 years!

The device darsonval UltratechSD-199 has the widest application: from the treatment of facial skin and hair, osteochondrosis and varicose veins to trophic ulcers and postoperative edema.

The main application of darsonvalization for the treatment of the following diseases:

1. Pimples, skin inflammation, acne;
2. Varicose veins;
3. Hair loss, weak hair follicles;
4. Pale or oily skin;
5. Sinusitis and runny nose;
6. Cellulite;
7. Skin itching with allergies, diarrhea;
8. Neuralgia, trophic ulcers, non-healing wounds;
9. Gamorrhoids, hematomas, edema;
10. Lifting of facial wrinkles, rehabilitation after plastic surgery;
11. Osteochondrosis;
12. Periodontal disease;
13. Cardiac neurosis, insomnia;
14. Migraine, acne, herpetic eruptions;
15. Lymphadenitis, parotitis;
16. Raynaud's disease, neuritis, neuralgia of the facial nerve, periostitis;
17. Arthritis of the joints, chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages;
and much more.


Smooth voltage regulation From 2 to 20 to BT
Power consumption Max 130W
Rated supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Pulse frequency 110+-10k HZ
Operating time in max mode No more than 20 min
Transformer housing - 70x60x50 mm
450 gr
Guarantee 3 years