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The device for erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis treatment (also associated with adenoma), has a triple therapeutic effect on the prostatic gland: heat, pulsed magnetic field and soft vibration massage.

MAVIT (ULP-01 “ELAT”) has been recommended for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

How it works
  • eliminates prostatic gland inflammation, improves its functional status;
  • fixes microcirculation blood flow in the prostatic gland and stimulates immune function in the surrounding tissues. When antibiotics are medicated, increases their concentration in the applied area;
  • has anti-inflammatory, anti-oedemic and sedative effect;
  • relieves pain and discomfort;
  • stimulates contractile muscle ability of the prostate and pelvic diaphragm, restoring their tone and facilitates proper secretion evacuation;
  • relieves symptoms of the lower urinary tract irritation. Reduces urinary urgency frequency, reinforces urine stream;
  • restores functioning of the male reproductive organs, enhances sexual potency.

Why to choose MAVIT?
  1. Significant amelioration comes after a few treatment sessions performed with MAVIT.
  2. MAVIT makes it possible to treat prostatitis without outside help.
  3. The applicator is made from a material that does not cause discomfort during medical procedures.
  4. MAVIT does not only cure the prostate, but also improves sex life.
  5. The device does not require special medical knowledge or skills to operate.
Technical Features
Surface temperature of the applicator working area immersed in a liquid within temperature range of 36 - 38 ° C is between 38.5 and 42 ° C.
Amplitude value of the pulsed magnetic field induction radial component on the surface of the working area of the applicator is in the range from 3 to 30 mT.
Monopolar pulse repetition frequency cyclically changes from 20±5 Hz to 100±20 Hz, with the cycle time 12±2 s.
Applicator vibration amplitude in the mode (START-STOP indicator is on) is from 0.01 to 0.1 mm.
The vibration frequency changes cyclically from 20±5 Hz to 100±20 Hz.
Turnaround time (START-STOP indicator is on) is equal to 30±2 min.
Minimum average service life is 5 years.


  • Acute prostatitis
  • Chronic prostatitis in the exacerbation phase
  • Malignant neoplasm of prostate
  • Active tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis of the prostate
  • Rectal acute inflammatory diseases
  • Rectal malignant neoplasm


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