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Acupuncture set of Kuznetsov applicators (different colors)

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Acupuncture set of Kuznetsov's applicators: massage mat + roller
Ceta: blue, black The
applicator helps to relax and get rid of back pain, neck pain and headaches.

The acupressure mat with inserts is the ideal product for people looking for relaxation and relaxation. It can be used every day from several to several tens of minutes. Lying on your back can reduce muscle tension and stress levels. With nearly 9000 massage points on the mat, you will feel a calming warmth and feel much better in a few minutes.
NOTE: Our latest acupressure kit also comes with a comfortable neck massage pillow (which can also be used as a foot massage pad) and a handy bag to carry the entire set!
Product Features:
 Brand new, high quality item.
 The mat, equipped with thousands of acupressure needles, triggers the release of endorphins during the massage, which improve mood and positively affect our body.
 Effective in relieving stress. Use it when you are tired or uncomfortable.
 The product will give you vigor and relaxation, inaccessible to you - just 10 minutes a day.
Service and Precautions:
 NOTE: Do not use the mat if you have a bleeding disorder (including hemophilia), if you are on anticoagulants and have very sensitive skin!
 First use may cause some discomfort. Wait a few minutes for your body to get used to touching the rug.
 Do not machine wash the rug or dry it in a tumble dryer. It can only be washed by hand in delicate detergents!
 Refrain from strenuous physical activity after applying the mat.
Benefits of using the mat:

 Increased physical energy and strength
 Mental and physical relaxation of the whole body
 Decreased muscle tension
 Increased endorphins (happiness hormones)
 It has a beneficial effect on the psyche
Technical characteristics: The
 mat has 210 plates (rosettes) and 5670 acupressure points.
 Each rosette has 27 massage spikes.
 Mat dimensions: 65 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm
 Pillow dimensions: 14 cm x 37 cm x 10 cm
 Material: ABS (spikes), cotton (mat, pillow) Mat
 color: black
 Cushion color: black Outlet
 color: pink