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Water ionizer "aQuator Vivo Classic" - "live" / "dead"

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Ionized water (often called LIVING WATER with water parameters: PH above 8 and ORP below -100 mV)
revitalizes the body,
improves well-being and gives strength,
slows down the aging process,
normalizes blood pressure,
heals stomach and duodenal ulcers,
regulates calcium in the blood,
removes toxins from the body,
normalizes digestion (heartburn, gastritis, constipation)

Alkaline antioxidant water (known as living water) [pH 8-11, ORP below -150 mV]
Alkaline or “living” water is a natural stimulant and antioxidant used for drinking, healing, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits.

It is the alkaline water prepared in the aQuator that revitalizes the body, improves well-being and gives strength, stimulates cell regeneration and slows down the aging process, smoothly normalizes blood pressure, heals various wounds, stomach and duodenal ulcers, regulates the amount of calcium in the blood, has an antioxidant effect and removes toxins from the body.

Alkaline antioxidant water helps treat:
adenoma of the prostate gland
diabetes mellitus
salt deposition in the joints
many other diseases (a booklet with detailed instructions is included with the Aquator water ionizers, in what portions, how often you should drink acidic and living water for the treatment and prevention of diseases)

The acidic water prepared in the aQuator slows down biological processes.

The positive effects of acidic water:
soothes the nerves,
improves sleep,
dissolves tartar,

quickly treats runny nose, diarrhea and poisoning,
is one of the best disinfectants.
Advantages of the aQuator Vivo water ionizer

The aQuator Vivo already has a built-in device that determines the amount of salts in the water that you use to prepare ionized water. The first 40 seconds when the device is turned on, your water is assessed, if the water complies with GOST, then the device will prepare water for you with the specified parameters. If you use water purified using the "reverse osmosis" system for preparing water, and most of the water in bottles, this method of purification is used, or there is an excess amount of salt in the water, then the device will display a message on the display and offer to replace the water.

Very mobile, it does not need to be built into the water supply system. You can easily take it with you to the country, on a trip, on vacation, its weight is 1180 grams.

A reliable device, the resource set by the manufacturer is 3000 hours of operation, which corresponds to 12-15 years of using the device for a family of 4 people. The device uses materials of very high quality, medical plastic from the BASF concern (Germany). The black plate is made of titanium with a sevenfold electrocatalytic coating based on ruthenium and iridium oxides (platinum group metals). This method of manufacturing the plate makes it absolutely inert when water is ionized.

It has a selection scale of PH from 2.4 to PH 11 with a step of 0.2, there are 39 programs, which allows each client to choose their individual parameters of drinking water, which you can define in the "Complete collection of recipes for diseases", which is attached to the device. Author Assoc. Petras Shibilskis

In this device very quickly, in 3-5 minutes you will prepare 2.3 liters of ionized drinking water, the device is very easy to maintain, an instruction for the device has been developed, with which we use the device as children from 7 years old, under the supervision of parents and people of "silver age", many of our clients are over 80 years old and they easily use the device.
aQuator Vivo is a device with which you can prepare acidic water "BIOCID", the acidity of which ranges from pH 2.4 to pH 3.0.

aQuator Vivo Silver  - with this model you can prepare acidic, alkaline and water with silver ions using only one device .

Recipes for more than 80 diseases, with the use of alkaline, acidic and silver water


Instructions for use aQuator Vivo: download

We recommend listening to the interview with Associate Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Petras Šibilkis:


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