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Dosimeter SOEKS 01M NEO

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199.90 EUR
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 Measurement speed from 1 second
 The “Search” function allows you to respond to the source even faster
 Ability to save measurement results
 10 hours of operation on a single battery charge
 Measurement of background radiation and accumulated dose
 Color and sound indication
 Compact body
 SOEKS proprietary power supply kit allows charge batteries directly in the device.

Household dosimeter with professional quality measurements. Registers beta, gamma and x-ray radiation.
The device allows you to quickly determine the level of background radiation, quickly search for radiation sources, register the accumulated (absorbed) dose of radiation, save and view the measurement history. The device also has the ability to configure parameters such as interface language, units of measurement, set the signal threshold for background radiation and accumulated dose, configure the measurement algorithm, set sound and light alarm parameters, configure the operation of the screen and power supply, configure the algorithm for calculating the measurement history and set the date and time.

The device has an LED indicator. When the counter registers
radioactive radiation (particles), the indicator signals this by flashing.
The Geiger-Müller counter SBM 20-1 also has LED backlighting.
The indicator and backlight of the meter can glow green, yellow or red
depending on the level of background radiation (green - normal,
yellow - increased, red - dangerous).

The device has a sound indication, which signals with an alarm
when the background radiation threshold set in the settings is exceeded.
When the counter registers radioactive radiation (particles), the device
signals this with short audible clicks.

SOEKS 01M NEO is an improved version of the 01M dosimeter. The device is developed and manufactured in Russia and enjoys constant popularity around the world.

SOEKS 01M NEO can rightfully be called the fastest household dosimeter. A more powerful processor allows you to respond to a source in 1 second in the “Search” mode. It has high measurement accuracy thanks to the SBM 20-1 radiation sensor, manufactured by Rosatom. The device has a clear user interface, color and sound indication. Working with it does not require special knowledge; you just need to follow the measurement rules described in the instructions. The dosimeter evaluates background radiation based on the power of ionizing radiation (gamma, beta, x-rays).


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