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The Comfort Lux dryer is a new solution to the problem of wet shoes. You don't have to be a doctor to know the simple truth - keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable if you don't want to catch a cold and get sick.

Folk wisdom confirms this fact - "Keep your head cold and your feet warm."

Unfortunately, the problem of a cold is not the only drawback of wet shoes - it is also a risk of catching fungal diseases; it is a habitat for bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor; this is the reason for the destruction of the shoe material, leading to deformation and premature aging.

The Comfort Lux shoe dryer provides soft and even drying of the inner surface of the shoe, and a special plate, with tea tree oil extract, destroys harmful bacteria and microbes.
You can see for yourself the quality of the Comfort Lux shoe dryer.



Power consumption no more 10 W
Supply voltage 220 V
Number of heaters 2 pcs.
Working mode Long
Air temperature during drying, no more 40-60 o C
Time to reach steady state 20 minutes
Electric cord length 1.5 m