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Sleep disorders can cause health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, etc. if sleep is not managed.
Morpheus glasses - AT WORK

Promote effective relief of stress, fatigue, psycho-emotional and physical stress, cravings for the abuse of bad habits. Contribute, reduce eye fatigue, improve performance.

Morpheus glasses - ON REST
Contribute to the removal of excitement, tension, depression. Allow in a short time to adapt to changes in the rhythm of life. Promotes relaxation, restoring good sleep and quality relaxation.

Facilitate acceleration of adaptation to the change of magnetic and time zones. They normalize the biological rhythm of a person, regulate the process of sleep and wakefulness, relieve the syndrome of "unfamiliar surroundings" by providing good rest.

Morpheus glasses - FOR CHILDREN
They help to reduce motor activity and excitability in children, stimulate memory and attentiveness, help to comfortably plunge into a "daytime sleep", facilitate evening sleep.

Morpheus glasses - FOR THE ELDERLY
Promote the restoration of the qualitative process of falling asleep and sleep, reduce meteosensitivity and negative reactions to geomagnetic disturbances, Promote the acceleration of the rehabilitation period after illness, stabilize pressure, and reduce headaches.

To date, science knows more than 100 different anomalies and sleep disorders - from mild to life-threatening.
People who do not sleep well experience constant sleepiness, improper breathing, and often find it so difficult to concentrate that they seem dumber than they really are. It is very often that the payment for sleep disorders are failures in professional activity and personal life, injuries, accidents, accidents.

According to the international health organization, 30% of the world's population experience insomnia at least once a year, every eighth person snores in their sleep. 60% have trouble stopping breathing during sleep. Interruption of normal breathing during sleep causes a person to wake up many times during the night, resulting in headaches, chronic fatigue, and even death.

2.5% of all people on Earth get out of bed and wander in their sleep, 18% of people talk while they sleep, and 25% grit their teeth. 10% suffer from narcolepsy - regardless of the length of the night's sleep, they are not able to stay awake all day, they can fall asleep at work, while eating or even driving.

Morpheus glasses are perfect for people of any age and do not cause discomfort when worn. Putting them on before bed, in 20-30 minutes, you will not even notice how quickly you will plunge into a calm, serene and deep sleep.

Thanks to the elastic cord, they adhere perfectly to the head without squeezing it while at the same time fitting snugly against the face, protecting from light and other distractions. Behind, on the cord

The glasses have a magnetic applicator, which is conveniently located in the dimple of the suboccipital part of the head and will not interfere with you falling asleep.

The magnetic system, which is located along the perimeter of the glasses and in the applicator disc, creates a magnetic field around the head, which helps to normalize all body functions, relieve psycho-emotional and physical stress, and improve the process of falling asleep and sleep.

The MORPHEU GLASS applicator does not depend on external energy sources and is designed to work efficiently for at least 5 years.



Magnetic induction value of the element magnetic "glasses", no more 13 mT
Magnetic induction value of the disk-applicator, no more 15 mT