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Soft, comfortable, light and even heat adjustable.

You no longer need to put on sets of warm clothes and wrap yourself in several blankets on cold days.
We will solve this problem for you once and for all - with our electric blanket.

Size - 1800x1450 mm.

Power consumption - 100 W.

Heating from 45°C to 55°C.

INCOR electric heaters

This is what people need on cold days.

Five reasons why you need to buy INCOR products

Inexpensive, safe, environmentally friendly, proven by many years of experience - heaters, according to experts, are considered the best and are very popular. Inkor is one of the top three manufacturers of similar products in Russia.


The main difference between INKOR LLC electric heaters and other electric heaters is an unusual heating element.
These are the only heaters on the market that use carbon fiber coated with silicone rubber as the heating element.

Carbon fiber has great mechanical strength. It can withstand loads up to 100 kg, does not stretch during operation and does not break after frequent bending. Withstands overheating up to 600 degrees, does not burn out with open access to oxygen. It does not oxidize and does not change its properties over time.

This feature of the coolant in heatersof Incor company, distinguishes them favorably from many competitors using ordinary metal filaments made of nichrome or tungsten as heating elements.


Thermal fuses are installed in the products for greater safety. For the convenience of consumers, switches with LEDs are used, which makes it easy to find the switch at night. Turns off in both directions and up and down. The products use cotton fabrics and textile temperature-resistant needle-punched fabric.

INCOR electric heaters:

Can be successfully used for medicinal purposes;

Effectively used in the treatment of rheumatism, osteochondrosis and other ailments associated with the human musculoskeletal system, which reduces inflammation and pain;

Assist in the provision of therapeutic and cosmetic services, such as: wrapping, heating the patient and providing thermal exposure to him before cosmetic and therapeutic procedures;

Normalize blood circulation, improve metabolic processes in the body;

Contribute to the reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits during cosmetic procedures;

They have a positive effect in the treatment of colds.

Low -temperature electric heaters based on environmentally friendly carbon fiberand related carbon fiber materials, an indispensable tool in poorly heated and unheated rooms, in horticultural areas, when the heat is turned off in city apartments. Their technical level corresponds to the best world standards.