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Smells of Health Thermal-moisture aerosol

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Inhaler aerosol heat-moisture "Camomile"

Purpose: for heat-moisture inhalations and aromatherapy with medicinal aerosols, herbs, herbs, and essential oils.

Description:Inhaler of medicinal solutions and essential oils heat-moisture individual is designed for heat-moisture inhalations and aromatherapy with medicinal aerosols, herbs, herbs and essential oils for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases, increasing the body's resistance to unfavorable environmental factors, physical, intellectual and adaptive capabilities of the body. At the moment of inhalation, the air sucked in through the openings of the inhaler lid carries with it vapor molecules with dissolved medicinal or herbal substances, capturing molecules of evaporating aromatic oils, which, falling on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, upper and lower respiratory tract, has a direct (or indirect - through blood) effect on the human body.

At the same time, molecules of essential oils in a certain combination have a therapeutic effect comparable to a weekly course of taking synthetic drugs. And all this without side effects, due to the use of only natural ingredients.

Scientists have selected a collection of natural essential oils "Dynamics" of deep molecular purification especially for the inhaler.

Indications for use:
Inhalation aerosol therapy is an important method of treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases, including laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, helps to moisturize the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, activates the function of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi, liquefies viscous mucus, facilitates the discharge of sputum , soothes dry cough, reduces the feeling of dry throat, improves blood circulation, increases absorption of medicinal substances.

Thermal moisture inhalation aerosolthe method of action is also used in therapy and rehabilitation for cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, angina pectoris, after myocardial infarction), diseases of the nervous system (insomnia, depression, asthenia), the endocrine system (obesity, diabetes, menopause), urinary organs, bone articular, muscular systems, etc. Aromatherapy normalizes mental state, improves blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, balances neuro-regulatory processes in the body.

Inhalation is contraindicated in case of hemoptysis, bleeding or a tendency to them, in diseases of the lungs, heart and kidneys with symptoms of severe cardiovascular failure and some other diseases, therefore, in each case, prior to inhalation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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