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Quartz antibacterial lamp irradiator Solnyshko OUFK-01 for hospitals and home

129.50 EUR

Quartz lamp irradiator Solnyshko OUFK-01 is used with the purpose of treatment for general, local and intracavitary irradiation at infectious, infectious-allergic, inflammatory, traumatic diseases and injuries in health facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.) at sanatoriums and at home.

Application OUFK-01:
1 Total quartz activity;
2 Total UFO:
-Increase the body’s resistance to various infections, including influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections;
-Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the internal organs (especially the respiratory system), the peripheral nervous system;
– Treatment of rickets in children, pregnant and lactating women;
-Treatment pyoderma, pustular diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
-Normalization calcium-phosphorus metabolism, improve reparative processes in bone fractures;
-Atopic dermatitis

Indications for use:
– asthma;
– chronic bronchitis, prolonged duration;
– chronic neuralgia and neuropathy of peripheral nerves;
– deforming arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis;
– traumatic injuries of the skin;
– sores, ulcers, boils, carbuncles, inflammatory infiltrates;
– erysipelas;
– zoster (hegres zosteg);

Intracavitary UFO:
– periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingvinit,
– chronic tonsillitis,
– subatrophic chronic pharyngitis, strep throat,
– acute rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis,
– acute respiratory illness,
– acute and chronic inflammation of an ear

– malignant neoplasm in any period of flow
– diseases, including after radical surgery,
– systemic connective tissue diseases,
– active TB disease of the lungs,
– hyperthyroidism
– feverish condition,
– the tendency to bleeding,
– insufficiency of blood circulation II and III degrees,
– arterial hypertension III level,
– expressed atherosclerosis,
– myocardial infarction (first 2-3 weeks)
– acute cerebral circulation impairment,
– kidney and liver failure with their functions,
– peptic ulcer,
– chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis at the phenomena of the process activity,
– cachexia,
– increased sensitivity to UV rays, photodermatosis.

Power is no more than 30 W.
Operation mode setup time product does not exceed 5 minutes after ignition exciter lamp.
The product provides a work for 8 hours per day in a cyclic mode – 10 min Work – 15 minute interval.
Overall dimensions of the irradiator OUFK-01 less than 275h145h140 mm;
Weight no more than 1 kg
In electrical irradiator applies to protection class II Type BF GOST R 50267.0-92.
The supply voltage (220 ± 22), (50 ± 0,5) Hz.

The kit includes:
The irradiator of ultraviolet irradiation for local OUFV-02;
Goggles O37 UV-Titan Universal;
The tube with the outlet Ø5 mm;
The tube outlet Ø15 mm;
An outlet tube with an angle of 60 °;


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