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Phototherapy Unit SN-206-ATMOS ANTINASMORK Anti Runny Nose & Allergy

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Phototherapy device SN-206-ATMOS ANTINASMORK for prevention and treatment of rhinitis (common cold) of different origin by means compartmentalized low-energy light waves in the red and infrared ranges.
The device is of the type of non-invasive light therapy devices. It is designed for self-administration in the usual conditions of comfort and function of a conventional 9V battery.

A distinctive feature of the device is its portability, ease of operation and comfort of use. The principle of this product is to provide a simultaneous action of the LEDs of two wavelengths of red and infrared spectra: 652 nm and 940 nm. This impact waves emitted by those semiconductor elements intended for exposure in the nasal mucosa. It is known that low-energy narrowly focused red and infrared light waves have multiple positive cellular, biochemical, functional and therapeutic effects in a variety of well-known diseases.

SN-206-ATMOS ANTINASMORK provides simultaneous penetrating impact on the mucous membrane of the nose, the light flux of red and infrared ranges, consistently improving the functional state of the cells, tissues and organs. This device reduces histamine activity alters intracellular calcium fluxes are suppressed by oxygen radicals produced during allergic reactions. With the help of light radiation also stimulates the body’s defenses aimed at increasing immunity. All this leads to the efficient removal of swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, as well as the redemption or relief from the unpleasant symptoms known: nasal congestion (rhinitis), sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and so forth.

– Helps with colds, eliminate or alleviate the unpleasant condition of nasal congestion;

– Relieves symptoms of allergic rhinitis (runny nose, itching, watery eyes, sneezing);

– Improves the immune system by stimulating the body’s defense mechanisms;

– Lack Of side effects;

– Patented simultaneous use of two wavelengths;

– Portable, comfort of use and ease of operation of the device.


Voltage -9 V;
The wavelength of red light, 652 nm;
Wavelength IR-940 nm;
The maximum total Power-up to 3 MW;
Mode of radiation – continuous;
Dimensions – 78h65h31 mm;
Weight- 0.08 kg;

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