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Air humidifier SPS-840

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Functional and practical humidifier in a trendy design to maintain optimal humidity + ozonation function, timer, remote control.

The main advantages of the humidifier AIC SPS-840:

Automatic shutdown of the device in case of insufficient water level.
Switchable ionization and ozonation mode.
Quiet and energy saving operation.
Ease of filling the water tank.
Humidifier timer.
Three levels of steam regulation.
Reduction of electrostatic charges.
The high quality of the transducer is a guarantee of excellent humidification.
Balanced moisture distribution with double-sided
steam atomizer.
Intelligent electronic control + remote control.

Description and multifunctional control of the humidifier Air Comfort SPS-840:

When the water level in the tank falls below the required level, the water level switch
turns off the ultrasonic generator, preventing its failure. At the same time
, the power indicator remains lit, and the fan continues to operate.
Automatic shutdown when removing the water container from the base of the device.
Performance tuning feature.
The performance setting button allows, if necessary, to change
the performance of cold steam produced by the humidifier per unit
of time. You can choose the ideal performance in accordance with
the conditions of the microclimate in the room.
The function of ozonation, which dramatically reduces the number of bacteria that are part of the cold steam.
Timer function: you can set the time to turn off the device for 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9,10 hours.
The remote control helps you control the humidifier from a distance.
The humidifier is equipped with a softening ceramic cartridge against hard water.


Characteristic Meaning
Power consumption 38 W
Mains voltage 220-230V 50Hz
Water tank volume 4.5 l
Service area up to 25 m2
Noise level no more than 35 dB (A)
Dimensions 340 x 190 x 260 mm

Warranty period - 1 year from the date of sale.