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Electric barbecue (barbecue) Neptune case-stainless steel

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The Neptune electric barbecue grill is considered one of the best in the household appliances market in its category.

The Neptune shish kebab is equipped with flaps, making it convenient to use. And because of the high power of the heating element, the meat is cooked in 15-35 minutes. The shashalychka has a nice design, which makes it a great gift.

Made of stainless steel
Power: 1250 W
The working length of the skewer is greater than that of any other kebab maker: 31 cm
The cooking time of the kebab is from 15 to 35 minutes
A stable base on 5 rubber legs
Warranty: 1 year
Manufacturer: JSC "Neptun", Russia
For due to the rotating skewers, uniform frying of shish kebab pieces is achieved
Includes 6 skewers with comfortable handles made of plastic
Removable top handle for easy movement of the kebab maker Power cord
length: 1.8 m 6 special clips to prevent skewers from sliding down Breakfast for health! Shish kebab - cooked in a vertical electric barbecue. How to cook barbecue, which will be the safest for health: on the grill, on the grill or in an electric barbecue?

Barbecue or grilled shish kebab can pose a health risk. During the heat treatment of meat, fat is released, during the combustion of which carcinogens are formed - substances that cause cancer. In addition, fat on the grill accumulates carcinogens. With repeated use of the grid, the harm only intensifies.

The safest is shish kebab cooked in a vertical shish kebab. With this method of cooking, fat flows into a special container, no smoke is formed, which means that the risk of carcinogens getting into the kebab is reduced.

American scientists conducted a study that showed: basil, mint and rosemary, added to the marinade, reduce the amount of carcinogens that are formed during the preparation of barbecue. You can also add cumin and oregano.

We remind you that the abstract is only a brief excerpt of information on this topic from a specific program, the full video release can be viewed here Health with Elena Malysheva:

Living great! 06/06/2013 - about food:

Breakfast for health. Barbecue:

Customer reviews about the Neptune electric barbecue:

We first bought it for dad for his birthday, tried it - it turns out an excellent barbecue. Of course, outdoors in summer is tastier, with smoke, but for winter and for an apartment - that's it! We also bought ourselves for the New Year, we will make different types of barbecue. Easy to use, heats up quickly, cooks well. Doors are removable for easy cleaning. The only negative is that there is no on / off button, i.e. Turns on as soon as you plug in the plug. Not noisy, it works quietly and after 5-10 minutes of loading the meat begins to spread an awesome aroma ;-) I recommend it!  Alexei.
Today I used the Neptune electric grill for the first time. Stylish design, the ability to open the door during cooking, which allows you to control the quality of the product, the meat does not slip, fasteners are provided from below (included). Washes easily.
This is the best on the market.  Irina.
I decided to buy an electric barbecue grill for a simple reason: I want to eat delicious meat without going out into the countryside. I don’t argue that the process is more pleasant on the grill and the flavors are tastier, but there is little convenience in this, because you need to get ready, go somewhere, buy and marinate meat for all your friends (I don’t accept store barbecue). Selected according to specifications. The electric grill Neptun (NEPTUNE) came up.

I looked through all the reviews on the network in advance, but I was not even embarrassed by the negative ones, because the device was thought out quite well. Firstly, decent power - 1250 watts. I looked at more expensive models, but they have a power of only 700 W and at the same time 8 skewers - they are no good. And here is a decent indicator and 6 skewers, even logically everything is fine. As for the mass of meat that can be loaded into the electric barbecue, it increases due to the length of the skewer: from 31 cm you get a decent portion, which is enough for friends and family. However, experience shows that with friends, two downloads are required, since there are no vegetarians among them.

I can’t say that the Neptun electric barbecue grill is made of a special material: polished stainless steel. But the confidence in the durability of the device is 100% and there is no need to think about losing money.

The pallet, of course, is a little inconvenient. If installed incorrectly, fat will overflow over the edge, and not into the glass, as intended by design. But you can adapt to this shortcoming, which cannot be said about the heating element, which roasts meat on skewers unevenly. To prevent the meat from slipping, I string onions, tomatoes, eggplant or zucchini between the pieces. Ladies love it! As a result, they eat less barbecue, more vegetables and, as it seems to them, lose weight.

As for the design, we must pay tribute to the Russian manufacturer! The appearance does not differ from a beautiful bucket with plastic handles on top. But the design is not the main thing here.

The electric grill works well and fully justifies its cost. Barbecue on New Year's Eve and on any other holiday can easily become the main dish of the table, and variety can be achieved with the help of different marinades. The neighbors are jealous, because the aromas coming from the meat during cooking are incredible.