Product code P00254

Belt "Magic Ribbon Health" - 7 segmental single strip

73.90 EUR

7 segmental single strip, length – 3.08 m (121.26 in).

1 segment of a single strip is 44 sm (17.323 in) long, and 22 mm (0.866 in) wide.

Distance between the needles is 4.3 mm (0.169 in).
This is a very elastic and skin friendly ribbon with needle elements fixed on it. Wrapping around with the ribbon can be done both under doctor’s supervision and by a person oneself at home. Increased area of application enables to produce unique therapeutic effect on the whole body in the course of stimulation of almost all acupoints of the stimulated zone.

After a wrapping-around session there appear a sensation of lightness, warmth, relaxation, with full revival of body’s strength and energy. Intensity with which the needles are pressed to the skin is adjusted in the course of wrapping-around. Thanks to these properties it is much easier to achieve results in treatment and prevention of different illnesses, to relieve pain in the spine, joints, muscles, and headaches.

When applied in sports, the ribbon, at the expense of overall applicator stimulation of the affected zone surface, enables to shorten the time of recovery after training load:

• Ensures accelerated recovery (after injuries, muscle sprains, fractures, surgeries) at the expense of considerable acceleration of biochemical and redox processes in the body;

• Doubles or trebles efficiency of massage and manual therapy;

• Enhances strength and speed endurance of sportsmen;

• Increases physical efficiency.

Time of an application session depends on the desired effect:

• toning up effect – from 7 to 10 minutes;

• sedative effect, help for chronic diseases – 20 minutes;

• relieving acute pain – from 10 to 30 minutes;

• enhancing working efficiency and body endurance – from 8 –to 12 minutes;

• recovery after training sessions, games – from 15 to 30 minutes;

• recovery after injuries, surgeries, etc. – the wrapping- around sessions are done to areas located above or below the affected area for 2-10 minutes 2-3 times a day.

If there is access and the skin is not damaged, the application is also done to the affected area itself. For arms and legs injuries it is necessary to wrap around the area on uninjured extremity which is symmetrical to the affected area. It is desirable to stimulate (simultaneously or sequentially) the zones of the spine in the area of corresponding spinal nerve root innervation.


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