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Applicator Universal Time (pitch 4.3 mm needles, 3-segment)

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Applicator consists of 5 plates and 2 adjustable belts. Size of the plates applied to eye zone (2 pcs.) is 140x65 mm (5,512x2,559 in), size of the plates applied to back of the head zone (3 pcs.) is 90x65 mm (3,543x2,559 in), 68x65 mm (2,677x2,559 in) and 77x65 mm (3,032x2,559 in). Step of the needles is 4.3 mm (o,169), quantity of needles: 1485.

"Universal belt" is Lyapko applicator designed in a special way. The applicator "Universal belt" consists of 3 movable plates and 2 adjustable belts which make it possible to move the plates choosing suitable position to stimulate small areas of the head, body, upper and lower extremities.

You can also stimulate any areas on your face (forehead zone, zones of superciliary archs, eyes, nose, mouth, chin), neck, scalp, and ears. That enables to apply the belt massager in neurology, ophthalmology, stomatology, otolaryngology, cosmetology, addictology. It can also be used to restore vitality, good mood, and increase workability.

The applicator is recommended for use by both adults and children. You can apply "Universal belt" on its own as well as combine it with other methods of treatment.

Regular application of "Universal belt" to different areas of the face and scalp helps get rid of headaches, and relieve nervous strain. It also improves blood circulation in the zones of the brain and eyes thus contributing to tissue oxygen supply, which enhances metabolic processes in the eyes, improves nerve conduction of the optic nerve, benefits memory and quality of sleep.

The applicator "Universal belt" produces therapeutic effect on visual organs, and eye contour area: it relaxes extraocular muscles, relieves eye strain, restores eye-lens accommodative function, elasticity and resilience of muscles by training and relaxing them.

The belt massager can be used to save and improve eyesight, to treat and prevent myopia, old age (presbytism) and inborn hyperopia (of mild and moderate condition), cyclospasm (pseudomyopia). It is applied in complex treatment of glaucoma, cataract, eye fatigue (asthenopia), optic atrophy, diabetic retinopathy. The applicator prevents computer vision syndrome, removes small wrinkles, and enhances elasticity of eye contour skin.

Application of "Universal belt" to the eye zones in children’s treatment is recommended starting from five-six to sixteen years-old. The treatment must be done under adult supervision. Applicator therapy is also recommended for use in complex treatment of mild and moderate amblyopia.

At first, it is necessary to encourage a child by personal example: the mother puts "Universal belt" on her closed eyes in the presence of the child. This way she shows that it is safe and does not hurt. When doing so, it is important to describe one’s pleasant feelings and the good of this treatment. It all can happen like a game, either lying or sitting position can be used.

After that, the mother carefully applies "Universal belt" to the child’s closed eyes several times without fixing it with the fasteners. When the child comes down, gets used to new feelings, and understands that it is safe, the applicator can be fixed for just a minute.

During the treatment you should hold the child’s hand so that he could feel his mother’s presence, and you must also talk to him (read fairy tales, recollect something pleasant, or draw visual images).You should constantly remind the child that he must keep his eyes closed, and that he shouldn’t try to open them.

Do applications to closed eyes 1-2 times a day, gradually increasing the time of treatment to 5-7 minutes. The course of treatment is 7-10 days. It can be repeated in 10-12 days.

Applications to eye zones are recommended for removing symptoms caused by eye overwork (spasm of accommodation, visual fatigue): pain, smarting eyes, irritation, dry eye. They prevent computer vision syndrome.

Otorhinolaryngology: wearing the applicator "Universal belt" on the zones of brows and maxillary sinuses for 10-15 minutes improves blood circulation in nasal accessory sinuses, removes edema, restores nasal breathing. To enhance the effect produced during the session you can cover yourself with a blanket, or lie under Lyapko-Dogoda pyramid.

Cosmetology: stimulation of face, cheek, and chin zones with the applicator "Universal belt" improves blood supply and turgor of the skin, removes small wrinkles.

For treatment of alcohol, nicotine and other dependences it is necessary to stimulate the zones responsible for discharging big amounts of bio-active substances. These are neck and collar region, the whole region located along the spine, lumbosacral, abdominal, sternum regions, foot, as well as back of the head and ear auricles on which the applicator "Universal belt" can be fixed.

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