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OUFB-04 Antibactericidal Ultraviolet Irradiator Quartz Lamp

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OUFb-04 “Solnyshko” bactericidal ultraviolet irradiator for local exposure is intended for local, local and intracavitary irradiation in the effective spectral range of 180-275 nm (UV-C range) for inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology, surgery, for indoor air sterilization and processing household and medical items in medical, medical, preventive, sanatorium-resort institutions, as well as at home.
- Power consumption from a power supply network no more than 30 W.
-The time to establish the operating mode of the product does not exceed 1 minute from the moment of UV lamp irradiation.
- The product provides work for 8 hours a day in a cyclic mode - 30 minutes work - 15 minutes break.
- Overall dimensions of the irradiator OUFb-04 no more than 260x140x130 mm;
- Kit weight not more than: 1 kg - For electrical safety, the irradiator belongs to protection class II type BF GOST R 50267.0-92.
- Supply voltage (220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 0.5) Hz.
Complete set Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator for local exposure OUFb-04 "Sun"; Open protective glasses O37-UV Universal Titanium;
Nozzle with outlet Ø5 mm;
Nozzle outlet Ø15 mm;
Nozzle with outlet at an angle of 60 °; Biodosimeter;
Instructions for use;

Indications for use General ultraviolet radiation is indicated for:
-increase the body's resistance to various infections, including influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections;
- Prevention and treatment of rickets in children, pregnant and lactating women, especially in areas of the Arctic or in areas with a small amount of solar radiation;
- treatment of inflammatory diseases of internal organs (especially the respiratory system), peripheral nervous system;
-normalization of the immune status in chronic sluggish inflammatory processes; -to normalize phosphorus-calcium metabolism, improve reparative processes in bone fractures; treatment of pyoderma, common pustular diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
-compensation of ultraviolet (solar) insufficiency for persons whose professional activities are associated with the lack of sunlight: submariners, miners, during the polar night;
The prevalence of furunculosis and other pyoderma of the skin; common psoriasis, winter form;
-atonic dermatitis (common neurodermatitis).
General ultraviolet radiation is assigned taking into account the individual characteristics and sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation.

Local (local) UVD of the skin is shown:
-bronchial asthma;
-chronic bronchitis, prolonged course;
Acute and chronic neuralgia and neuropathy of the peripheral nerves;
deforming arthrosis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis;
-traumatic injuries of the skin and musculoskeletal system (bone fractures);
- purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, bedsores, inflammatory infiltrates, boils, carbuncles;
Acute and chronic erysipelas; - Tinea versicolor (hegres zosteg);
- Acute and chronic inflammation of the female genital organs.

Intracavitary UFO:
-periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingvinitis;
-chronic tonsillitis; - chronic subatrophic pharyngitis, acute pharyngitis; acute rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis;
acute respiratory disease (ARI);
- Acute and chronic inflammation of the outer and middle ear;
- Acute and chronic inflammation of the vagina.