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Even doctors agree, electro-toxicity is an alarming health issue. And while you can’t avoid EMFs - with the SOEKS IMPULSE EMF Meter you can easily monitor them, reduce exposure and improve your health.

  • THE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT MICROWAVES: When you order the SOEKS IMPULSE the first thing you should do is test your microwave! It’s a myth that EMFs stop when the microwave does! We’ll let the IMPULSE show you exactly how long they linger!
  • EASY TO USE: Using the 3 detection SmartModes you can test microwaves, mobile phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, power lines, cell towers and more! You can even test personal wearable devices. On screen alerts and alarms let you know your exposure in an instant.
  • PRECISION MONITORING: Using a fast, precision 5-Sensor System (Tri-axial Magnetic and V/m Orthogonal Electrical), the IMPULSE accurately detects the frequency and location of an EMF concern. Numerical Mode allows you to see the data from each axis.
  • KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE: Children and the elderly are most at risk from electro-toxicity. But now you can monitor their exposure, and help their health. Make important decisions about buying a home easier by discovering what the potential health threat is.
  • COMES WITH 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Take the SOEKS IMPULSE EMF Meter home and surprise yourself with your discoveries! You’ll enjoy having first hand information about your exposure to EMFs so you can now make informed decisions. Order Today.

The Unbelievable Truth About Microwaves

Most people believe when the microwave stops, so do the Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). But the truth is it can take 25-30 sec before the EMFs cool down! It sounds crazy, but the SOEKS IMPULSE will show you! And when it’s safe to approach!

What Is Electrotoxicity?

EMFs can’t be seen or felt, but for many, the effects can. Not only do they promote fatigue, and general un-wellness, some electro-sensitive people experience extreme pain.

That’s why we installed a precision 3 Axis 5-Sensor System in the IMPULSE. It accurately pinpoints the source and strength of an EMF, and it does it fast!

Forget Tricky Devices, IMPULSE Keeps It Easy

PC Mode tests close range devices like: Microwaves, Phones, Computers and more! Even Personal Wearables!

Live Building Mode locates and measure room exposure to things like: wiring, modems, Wi-Fi, smart meters, phones and more.

Live Field Mode shows hazards from power lines, airports, space observatories, and other EMFs in your environment.

Easy-To-Read Information

On screen colored alerts and alarms quickly show exposure, while bar charts and numerical values show exact EMF levels

And For The Data-Minded… Numerical Mode gives you each data-point from the Tri-axial Magnetic Fields in u/T and Orthogonal Electrical Fields in V/m.

The #1 Health Conscious EMF Meter

Obviously you can see this unit makes perfect sense for those interested in learning about their EMF exposure at home, work, or in the environment. So if you’re ready to protect yourself and your loved ones, you’re ready for The IMPULSE by SOEKS

May we suggest an improved version SOEKS ECOVISOR F4?

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