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Red lamp NEVOTON

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Healing light in your home!

Light is a necessary source of warmth and health for a person. Over the years, people have learned to use the power of the sun for the benefit of health. And thanks to the new development of the NEVOTON Red Lamp, now each of us can have our own little "sun" at home!

In the last decade, a new direction has been formed in physiotherapy - photochromotherapy, based on the use of narrow-band LED radiation of different colors. The most studied application of red, green and blue LED optical radiation.

The physiotherapeutic effect of photochromotherapy is so mild that even children from 0 years of age are allowed to use it.

We bring to your attention the NEVOTON Red lamp with a long irradiation wavelength from 640 to 680 nm.

The red NEVOTON lamp is an indispensable assistant in solving a number of problems. It activates the body's own immune forces. Red light penetrates to a depth of 25 mm into human tissues, has an overwhelming effect on staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci, defeating inflammation and promoting recovery.

It is an efficient, reliable, simple and easy-to-use and, most importantly, affordable device. The NEVOTON lamp has been tested in Russian clinics, registered with Roszdravnadzor and recommended for use in medical practice.

In medicine, red light is used to combat the following diseases:

Herpes and herpetic eruptions
Focal neurodermatitis
Trophic ulcers
Damage to the oral mucosa
Skin burns

Method of action The

NEVOTON red lamp has a therapeutic effect in three directions:

monochrome red radiation;
a magnetic field;
acupressure toning massage.
Red radiation. Of all parts of the spectrum of radiant energy, red is the brightest. Monochrome red radiation has an active effect on the emotional status of a person.

Red light excites the activity of the cerebral cortex, increases the heart rate, increases blood pressure, improves breathing.

Red radiation is actively used in the complex therapy of skin diseases, joint damage, dentistry and periodontics. In addition, it is effectively used to prevent age-related fading of the skin and reduce wrinkles, lifting the skin of the face and neck.

Red light helps to eliminate the beginning of the boil, infiltrates, is indispensable in the treatment of trophic ulcers. Its ability to activate the healing of damaged tissues is used to quickly restore damage to the skin and mucous membranes.

Under the action of red light, the condition of bone tissues improves, the “crunch” in the joints decreases in patients, pain disappears and the range of motion in the joints increases. There is an increase in local immunity and indicators of the immune status of the body.

The magnetic field improves metabolism at the cellular level, promotes the healing of wound surfaces, suppresses allergic reactions.

Acupressure is carried out using optical lenses of LEDs protruding from the working part of the head of the apparatus. Such a massage removes excess fluid from the tissues, relieves swelling and increases blood flow in the capillaries.

The instructions offer detailed methods for the treatment of a number of diseases.

Indications for use

osteoarthritis and dorsopathy (common osteochondrosis of the spine, degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine);
for other diseases - on the recommendation of the attending physician.


Malignant neoplasms and benign neoplasms with a tendency to grow
Systemic blood diseases, bleeding tendency
Heart failure stage II, decompensation of cardiovascular diseases
Acute renal and hepatic insufficiency
Severe forms of diabetes mellitus and decompensation of diabetes mellitus
Active forms of pulmonary tuberculosis
Acute infectious diseases
Individual intolerance light radiation, magnetic field, massage
In the presence of an implanted pacemaker, it is not allowed to use the device at a distance closer than 25 cm from the place of its implantation

AC supply voltage, V 220±20
AC supply frequency, Hz fifty
Power consumption, W, no more twenty
Wavelength of LED radiation, nm from 640 to 680
The value of the magnetic induction of a constant magnetic field on the working surface of the apparatus, mT from 6 to 25
Overall parameters of the case, mm, no more 160×55×52
Mass of the device in a consumer container, g, no more 150
Apparatus 1 PC.
Manual 1 PC.
Warranty card 1 PC.
Consumer packaging 1 PC.
Warranty period 12 months.

The service life of the product is 5 years.