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AirTamer A 320 Personal ionizer air purifier. (White)

195.00 EUR

Personal Air Cleaner The AirTamer A320 is one of the world's most powerful rechargeable air cleaners. The ion technology developed by Airtamer produces a constant flow of healthy negative ions that remove impurities from your breathing air.
Electrostatic cleaning A320 creates cleaner and healthier air around the head within one meter. It removes particles and impurities (eg viruses, pollen, smoke and dust mites from the air;
Airtamer's electrical technology provides 9 times the cleaning power of competitors. It is quiet and very energy efficient and produces more than 150 hours of active use on a single charge. Easy-to-charge USB cable.
Airtamer's design is very practical. For hanging by the neck (adjustable collar included), it is smaller than most MP3 players. Feel free to place it on a bedside table, for example, so that it cleans the air that breathes in the main area of ​​the bed.
Use AirTamer's personal air cleaner on public transportation and in public places or other places with poor air quality.

Personal ionizer air purifier

individual features:

Replaceable ion brush
Interchangeable strap
A green light indicates that the AirTamer personal air cleaner is working.
Power-up technology provides nine times more cleaning power than competing devices.
Rechargeable - 150+ hours of active use on a single charge.
A USB charging cable is included with each device.
No filters or batteries.
Quiet operation: no noisy fans or motors.
Adjustable Breakaway lanyard - for safety and comfort.
The updated model is smaller than most mp3 players.
The AirTamer ® includes a shipping box that protects the air cleaner when not in use. Maintenance is easy because there are no filters.
Weight and dimensions

Product size: 4,2 cm x 1,9 cm x 9,9 cm
Product weight: 62 gr
Package dimensions: 12 cm x 8,2 cm x 7 cm
Pack size: 250 gr

How it works

The AirTamer ® emits more than 2 million negative ions per second from the black brush at the end of the device. These negative ions attach to airborne viruses, bacterial allergens and contaminants. Negatively charged particles push positively charged particles onto your surrounding surfaces (eg table, chair, window, clothes, etc.) instead of reaching the respiratory system. As a result, AirTamer ® reduces the chance of you inhaling these particles and getting sick.

Negative ions clean the air of small particles that are not cleaned by traditional air purifiers (eg HEPA). Particles are the most harmful to our health. Particles smaller than 0.1 microns can penetrate deep into the airways and, due to their high diffusion coefficient, are more likely to nest in the respiratory system than larger particles. There are indications that the smaller the fraction of particles, the greater the adverse health effects. Source: Center for Environmental and Health Impact Transport Research, Copenhagen, Denmark.



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