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Anti-cellulite body massager redox ≈30µA, copper

99.90 EUR

Electric vitamins combined with massage effects provide:
▪️ improvement of microcirculation;
▪️ biosynthesis of skin fibroproteins collagen and elastin;
▪️ splitting of subcutaneous fat fiber;
▪️ destruction of fibrous partitions of “cellulite”;
▪️ restoration of electrolyte balance in skin cells;
▪️ tissue lymphatic drainage;
▪️ acceleration of metabolic processes.

The galvanophoresis process enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic and therapeutic anti-cellulite products due to their deeper penetration into the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Exposure to copper ions leads to a rapid improvement in the condition of the skin, causing a reduction in flaking, sagging and hyperpigmentation. The elasticity of the skin, its thickness and density are optimized, and the tone of the capillary network is restored.

Massage with the redox anti-cellulite massager allows you to achieve the following results:
▪️ increased skin tone,
▪️ lifting effect,
▪️ visible reduction of unwanted volumes,
▪️ absence or reduction in the severity of the “orange peel” effect.

The soft mechanical effect of copper points stimulates blood flow in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, the lymphatic system is activated, the processes of breaking down fatty deposits are launched, excess fluid is removed, the skin becomes smooth and toned.

The redox anti-cellulite massager is suitable for regular massage of problem areas in the forearms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves. Apply anti-cellulite cream to the problem area and begin to perform massage movements in the direction from bottom to top. Continue the anti-cellulite massage as desired and with pleasure. If you want to enhance the effect, you should use the massager directly in the shower.

The massager handle is made of durable plastic and, thanks to its ergonomic shape, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The tips of the redox massager are made of copper and are rounded, which allows you to carefully carry out a massage session without damaging the skin.

Storage rules:
Store the product at room temperature.
Warranty period:
twenty-four months from the date of sale, subject to compliance with the rules of operation and storage.
Disposal rules:
At the end of the period of use, the product does not pose a danger to the consumer and must be disposed of. Dispose of with household waste.



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