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Dark Blue Lamp "The Minin Reflector"

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54.90 EUR

Besides the therapeutic effect, the blue lamp (the Minin reflector) also has a 

positive effect on the human body that is as follows: 

- Enhancement of the cellular energy synthesis; 

- Reduction of blood viscosity; 

- The haemostatic system regulation; 

- Increase of the blood velocity in great vessels; 

- Microcirculation improvement; - Vessel walls strengthening; 

- Metabolism regulation; 

- Pronounced regenerative effect; 

- Analgesic effect; 

- Enhancement of the nervous impulse conduction; 

- Improvement of oxygen delivery and uptake of tissues; 

- Improvement of external respiration; 

- Immunomodulatory effect. 

Specifications Blue lamp PRM-D160: - Reflector diameter: 160 mm; - Power consumption: 60W; - Supply voltage: 230V; - Dimensions: 120 (B), h140 (W) h240 (D); - Net Weight: ~ 430 g 

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