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Air purifier- ionizer "Super-Plus-Turbo"

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General view of the air cleaner.
The device consists of two main parts: the body (1) and the cartridge (2). The cartridge is inserted into the device from the front and fixed by a latch (3). There are: the mode indicator (8), the indicator of the forced regime (4), the power button of the device (5) and the button of the forced mode (6).

Воздухоочиститель Супер-Плюс-Турбо (Модель 2009)
The air passing through the cartridge, further treated with ozone, is formed in the area of the corona discharge, the amount significantly less than the maximum allowable concentration, but still enough to ensure the destruction of unpleasant smells, suppression of vital functions of pathogenic microbes, fungi spores and mold in the room in which the device works.
Simultaneously with cleaning the air is ionized. But the most important feature of our device is that the air which is already dust-free enriched with oxygen ions! Air cleaner makes the optimum level of ionization of the air in the room in accordance with the natural characteristics and requirements of sanitary standards.
Power from AC 220 V ± 10%
Power consumption: up to 10W/h
The volume of the served room: up to 100 m3
The size of the particles trapped, within: 0,3-100 mkm
Filtration ratio: up to 96 %
The ozone concentration at the outlet (MPC 30 g/m3) not more then 20 mcg/m3
The concentration of negative ions at a distance of 1 m: up to 40000 ion/cm3
Dimensions: 275x195x145 mm
Weight: 1,6 kg
Number of modes: 4
Lifetime: 10 years
WARRANTY 3 years
свернуть / развернуть Rules of use
1. Place the device on a flat surface in a location of free air movement at a distance not less than 1.5 m from the place of constant stay of human.
Do not install an air cleaner near the device, particularly susceptible to the effects of electrostatic fields.
2. Plug in.
3. Turn the unit on by a single push of a button (4).
4. Select one of three modes of operation of the device (minimum, optimum and nominal)by pressing and holding the button (4),. The indicator (5), changing its color, will display the corresponding mode at the same time. In order to fix the selected mode, you need to release the button
Operation modes:
- Minimum - is designed to work in the room of 20-35 m3 volume, it is also recommended for people with high sensitivity to ozone. The indicator glows green. Intervals: "work" - 5 minutes 'rest' - 5 minutes.
The flow of air coming out of the cartridge through the bars and the quiet rustling indicate the normal work of the device.
- Optimum - designed to work in the room of 36-65 m3 volume. The indicator glows yellow.Intervals: "work" - 10 minutes, "rest" - 5 minutes.
- Nominal - designed to work in the premises of 66-100 m3 volume. The indicator glows red. Intervals: permanent work.
- Forced - used for 2-3 hours in order to prevent infections transmitted by airborne droplets or with strong air pollution. This mode is activated by pressing the button (6), so the indicator (7) glows red. Forced mode is recommended when there is no people in the room.
- Wash the cartridge - electronic system informs of the need to wash the cartridge by disabling the device and flashing with red indicator (5).
5. Shutting down of the device is carried out by a single "short" pressing the button (4).
Attention!!! The information about the degree of contamination of the cartridge will not be saved if the device is turned off (unplugged).
Round-the-clock operation of the device is recommended if the room volume conforms with the selected mode.

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