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AIC AP1101

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Distinctive features
  • catalytic cleaning
  • 3M True (Grade 14) HEPA
  • Remote control
  • Ionization
  • Touch control
  • Silent BLDC motor
  • High precision sensors
  • Air quality indicator
  • High performance
  • Auto mode
  • Night mode
  • Filter change sensor (Filter change reminder)
  • New Generation Motor - BLDC Inverter Motor
  • Ultra-modern design, lacquered finish.
  • Air quality color indicator

The AIC AP1101 air purifier is a modern device based on advanced technologies and innovations. As a result of numerous tests of various methods and filtration systems, the best technologies and materials for the manufacture of filter elements for this device were selected.

Automatic mode for assessing and monitoring air quality.
The air purifier uses high-precision sensors to determine the quality of the air in the room, continuously transmitting information to the microprocessor. At the same time, when determining the contamination of the environment, the microprocessor issues commands to regulate the rate of air purification in the room. The rate of purification directly depends on the quality of the air.

Stages of air purification and disinfection:

1.PRO filter - pre-cleaning system.
Detains the largest dust particles, such as hair, dandruff, wool, large dust particles contained in the air.
2. The catalytic filter effectively removes formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other volatile organic compounds, and also removes gases, gas impurities and unpleasant odors present in the air, up to 99%.
3. Combined (deodorizing) filter , consists of activated carbon made from coconut shells and diatomaceous sludge.
- Coconut shell activated carbon is considered better than any other, mainly due to the small macropore structure, which makes it more effective in adsorbing gas, vapors and removing odor. Removes up to 99.00 formaldehydes, benzenes, ammonia, other harmful gases and their components from the air.
Coconut shell carbon absorbent eliminates unpleasant odors, decomposes them into harmless components, has a high level of hardness and activity, which makes it cleaner and increases filter life.
- Diatomaceous sludge, due to its chemical properties, attracts viruses, pathogens, inhibits bacteria that cause decay and fermentation.
Diatomaceous silt is a natural material and product of decomposed single-celled quartz algae, from which mainly flint shells remained. It has a high content of amorphous silica (up to 70%).
 Diatomites are unicellular microalgae (from 2 μm to 1 mm), shrouded in a silicate external skeleton. The structures of these shells are so porous that they make this material ideal for absorbing various impurities from the air. The extracted diatomaceous sludge is dried, ground and heated at 1200C to remove residual organic matter and sieved. The properties of diatomaceous sludge are equated with the qualities of activated carbon from coconut shells.
The combination of these components makes the combined (deodorizing) filter much more efficient, increases its service life up to 1 year, relative to analogues.

4. TRUE HEPA filter(High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance - Highly Efficient Particle Delay). Models AIC AP1101, AIC AP1103 use H14 class HEPA filter. The highest class according to the classification of high efficiency filters according to GOST R 51215-99. TRUE HEPA filter is highly efficient and designed to purify the air from the smallest particles. Effectively separates suspended particles and traps viruses, mold and any kind of bacteria. Able to purify the air from particles ranging in size from 0.3 to 10 microns and retain up to 99.97% of such particles. In addition, the TRUE HEPA filter traps up to 95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. This filter allows you to practically get rid of allergens, small dust particles in the air, human and animal dander, bacteria, etc. It has a positive effect on allergic conditions,
5. Ionization - generation of negatively charged ions. Thanks to them, the air in the room becomes fresh, and oxygen molecules are activated. As a result, there is an improvement in the well-being and performance of people in the room.

BLDC motor.

This model belongs to disk servo motors, the advantages of using which are:

  • The ability to convert an electrical signal into shaft movement.
  • Silent operation, including when switching from one mode to another.
  • The absence of a collector apparatus in the design guarantees high reliability of the engine.
  • The motor consumes 2 times less energy than inverter motors, with equal performance.
  • Differs in the increased diameter and the reduced length. The compact dimensions of the motor and its pancake shape allow the cleaner to be optimized in size.
  • The motor power is high enough to ensure high performance of the instrument.

AIC AP1101 User Manual (PDF Format) 


Brand: AIC
Instrument model: AP1101
Mains voltage, V/Hz.: 220-240/50
Power, Watt.: 37
Dimensions, mm.: 340x185x640
Net weight, kg: 6.4
Service area, m2: up to 70
Air exchange, m3/hour: 80/110/150/220/300
Formation of negative ions: < 10x5st ion/cm3
Noise level: 25/26/36/42/46
Color: Black
Guarantee period: 3 years

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