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WaistTwistingDisc - the simulator for the waist and abdomen allows you to achieve a beautiful figure in a short time
• Special relief provides acupuncture foot massage during exercise
• Lightweight, compact exerciser, does not require additional space and time, can be used at work during a break, at home in front of the TV or in the kitchen
Won huge popularity in millions of families. Now we offer it to you.Waist Twisting Disc

Already in a week:
WAIST - the girth is at least 5 cm less than
the ABDOMINAL MUSCLES - are strengthened, tightened due to a sharp reduction in body fat
An additional and very significant advantage is:
ACUPUNCTURE MASSAGE of the feet during classes. The special relief of the simulator will gently treat all points of your feet, activate blood flow and metabolic processes. Toxins and waste products will be removed from the body. This can cause some discomfort, drowsiness, pain in diseased areas of the body. But gradually the body overcomes the disease, and the person restores and stabilizes his health.
1. Before using the exercise machine, it is recommended to drink 200-500 g of warm boiled water in order to stimulate blood circulation for a better effect.
2. Stand on the simulator, turn the body to the right and left (the waist and stomach work), while maintaining balance with the help of the hands.
3. After exercising effectively with this machine, body temperature may rise and urine color may become more saturated.
4. Performing the exercise, you should achieve the maximum amplitude of rotation in the waist area, which will allow you to achieve the greatest load and strengthen the muscles of your body.

High-level rotational trainer - a new generation of bodybuilding devices - developed on the basis of the best series of sporting goods.
The simulator has a double effect:
1. Under the influence of your weight, when you step on the massage surface of the disk, which is made of a special material, biologically active points located on the foot are stimulated, which, together with magnetic stimulation, allows you to awaken the motor activity of your body.
2. The action of magnetic therapy during the rotation of the waist to the right and left promotes the conduction of magnetic waves around the body, which creates a secondary electric current in the cells of the human body. Excess fat and toxins are thus removed (especially in the waist and abdomen) - thus, it allows you to become strong, beautiful and healthy.
This exercise machine is safe and easy to use, compact, elegant and fashionable, can be used at home (room, balcony, veranda, garden), public place (park, gym, sanatorium, and hotel, etc.). d.). Install it and enjoy!