Product code D00521

"ENERGY OF THE SUN" irradiator with ultraviolet and infrared light

195.00 EUR

Multi-wave household irradiator (hereinafter MWBO) "Energy of the Sun" is designed to irradiate people in the room with UV and IR waves (in the wavelength range of 300-400 nm and 1-3 microns) for the purpose of prevention, skin care and cosmetic procedures ... The device has bactericidal properties.

Features The
multi-wavelength irradiator "Energy of the Sun" is a device with two types of radiation (ultraviolet and infrared), which in its characteristics is close to
natural solar exposure.
Possesses bactericidal (disinfecting), warming and cosmetological properties
Promotes replenishment of vitamin D deficiency
Increases immunity to viral diseases
UV radiation is used for disinfection of air and surfaces, destroys most viruses, bacteria, microbes, types of fungi and mold in the room.
Designed for home use.

"Energy of the sun" creates an effect close to the sun,
thanks to the simultaneous operation of two lamps - ultraviolet and
infrared spectra, resulting in *:
formation of vitamin D in the body
synchronization of biological rhythms of the body
regulation of sleep and wakefulness
increased local immunity
stimulation of metabolism
activation of painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties
fight against most bacteria, fungi and viruses
tanning by the skin
Improving the absorption of vitamin C
Optimizing the synthesis of vitamin A
Elimination of toxins
Restoring water-salt balance
Improving brain function
* Based on open scientific research.

This device can be useful to those who:
Lack of sunlight
in the work or living room
Susceptible to frequent colds
Lives in the Far North or in areas equated to it

Operation of the device involves the use of personal eye protection in the form of glasses with a UV filter (included ).
The device is equipped with a modern digital timer.
The available time setting interval is from 1 to 30 minutes.
Helps to control the dosage of IR and UV radiation, which avoids negative effects on the body.
It is recommended to set the duration of the sessions
according to the attached table.
Table of recommended frequency and duration of sessions.
Days 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 21 23 25 27 29 31
Number of minutes 2 3 4 4 6 6 8 8 10 12 12 14 14 16 16
The irradiators can be used by individual consumers at home, in health and fitness centers, in general physical training groups, in schools, boarding schools, dispensaries, especially for people who have been without sunlight for a long time (stay in the Far North, in mines, in windowless rooms, etc.) .p.)
MVBOs correspond to protection class II. according to GOST
MVBO is not a medical device. There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult a specialist.


Wavelength 300-400 nm and 1-3 microns
Supply voltage, V 230
Power, W 480
Ultraviolet lamp power, W  125
Initial axial luminous intensity, cd  400
Irradiation surface area at a distance of 50 cm from the source, cm 600
Permissible operating time of emitters, min, no more 30
Body material plastic
Overall dimensions, mm 235x210x160
Weight, kg  2 kg
Manufacturer REMO, Russia