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Melesta - "Life-giving" and "dear" water generator.

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Water activator ionizer Melesta. It is designed to change the physical properties of water by electrolysis and separating it into acid (dead) water and alkaline (live) water. The water thus activated has a number of beneficial properties and allows treating and providing a stable remission for many chronic diseases. The device is very simple and allows you to produce the right amount of activated water at home without the hassle.


Power consumption 110 W

Supply voltage 220-240 V

"Dead" water (acid) - pH - 2,5-5,5 units - excellent bactericide, disinfector

"Living" water (alkaline) - pH - 8.0-10.5 units - stimulator, toner, energy source

What is living and dead water?

Many of us have heard from childhood about the miraculous power of life-giving water. It is often mentioned in folk tales, and with the help of dead water, the wounds were mostly healed, and the living one had the ability to rejuvenate and even revitalize the body after death.

If we omit the folklore component and leave pure physics, it becomes clear that, despite the obvious exaggeration of the usefulness of water, the sources of the legends have quite a reasonable explanation. And today such water is widely used in various fields:

For the treatment of colds;

Relief from hypertension;

To combat skin diseases such as pressure sores, trophic ulcers, psoriasis;

Prevention of complications after burns;

In stomatology - for the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity;

In disinfecting purposes - for disinfecting food products and increasing their useful life, as well as washing dishes, etc.

If you regularly consume water treated with an activator, your overall vitality increases. There is energy, a desire to work. The liquid obtained after electrolysis also calms the nerves and activates the regeneration of the cells.

What does the activator do with water?

The school chemistry course reads: the unit of hydrogen activity is the pH value. It is she who determines how many hydrogen ions are present in the water. The entire pH range can range from 0 to 14 units. For comparison: tap water from a tap, which is used by thousands of people every day, has a figure of 7pH. The lower the pH, the more "acidic" is water, and, accordingly, all liquids above the 7 mark are already alkaline.

The water activator in the process of electrolysis simultaneously prepares both live and dead water. The total capacity of 1.4 liters is divided in the proportion of 0.8 liters for one type of water and 0.6 liters for another. By changing the location of the electrodes in the tanks, you can choose which water to produce more and which less.

The degree of activation of water and changes in its physical properties depends on the duration of the operation of the device. The longer the activation process, the more severe changes will be exposed to water.

Useful properties and characteristics of activated water

Alkaline water (live): has an acidity value of pH of 8 to 11 units and, most importantly, has a negative charge of redox potential (ORP) of water, in the range from 600 to 760.

It is the negative charge of ORP that makes this water a powerful antioxidant and by reducing the surface tension it makes it much easier to enter into intermolecular interactions in the cells of the body.

Such water activates and accelerates all physiological processes in the body and has a pronounced therapeutic effect for a wide range of diseases, primarily the gastrointestinal tract. "Living" water positively affects any metabolic processes in living cells - it helps to remove toxins and toxins in the body, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion.

However, it should be remembered that negative AFP immediately begins to increase and after a day becomes neutral. This means that you need to drink only fresh water, preferably no later than 1-2 hours from the time of preparation.

Acidic water (dead): has a pH value of 2.5 to 7 units and a positive charge of the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in the range of +200 to +740.

The main property of "dead water" - powerful bactericidal properties. However, it does not affect negatively the immunity, like antibiotics, and is not aggressive, like disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Such water perfectly suppresses any pathogenic microflora - it destroys microbes, bacteria, prevents reproduction of fungi and any mold. It is used as a wound healing and preventive agent for external and intracavitary use in gynecological and ENT diseases. Promotes early healing of wounds with bedsores, diaper rash, burns. Excellent proven itself in the treatment and prevention of any skin diseases, leading to a violation of the integrity of the skin (cracking, combing, etc.).

When ingestion is able to slow down the rate of natural biological processes in the human body, reduce blood pressure, and act as a natural sedative, not addictive.

It can also be used for washing vegetables and fruits, disinfecting dishes and gastronomic containers that come into contact with food.

Due to the increased acidity, it copes well with the plaque on the teeth. Just make it a rule to rinse your mouth every day with a solution, and you will forget about dental calculus, sensitivity and bleeding gums. With a cold, flush her nose, with a stomach upset, drink dead water to disinfect the gastrointestinal tract. It will calm the body and ease the condition.

Housewives widely use the properties of the product for domestic purposes. With the help of such water:

Perfectly washed even old spots;

Disinfected carpeting in the house;

Bed linen, bandages, diapers are processed.

Even for cosmetic purposes, it is possible to use activated water, for example, as a means for removing make-up. Just just "charge" the liquid to the ion concentration index 5pH and cleanse the skin with this solution, moisturize and tone it safe and, importantly, in an economical way.

Acidic water retains its properties for up to 7 days. Keep it in a closed container and do not expose to direct sunlight.

How to use the water activator Malesta?

The device is very simple to use and does not require special skills or skills. To obtain a concentrated mixture, add a small amount of NaCl, i.e., a common salt. This will speed up the process of electrolysis. This method is relevant, if the tap water being supplied directly from the tap is exposed to activation. Usually it is characterized by such characteristics as increased softness.

By adding salt, you increase the amount of hydrogen ions in the shortest period of time, most importantly, remember the dosage - excessive salt damages the device, so count it carefully.

To monitor the chemical composition of water and its hardness, use special indicators - litmus paper. They show reliable data on the content of an element, which makes it possible to make accurate calculations. Instructions on the use of paper are found in the accompanying documents of the goods.

In order to prevent damage to the device, do not include it for a long time. On average, the activation time of water is just under an hour. Longer processing does not make sense - the liquid is too hot. Also, no need to treat already boiled and purified water. With it is much more difficult to make the correct calculation of the desired rigidity and get the desired result. When using this product regularly, do not forget to make small pauses between meals.

What is included

Activator water model Malesta.


Partitions are spare.

Manufacturing: Russia.

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