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Personal air purifier (white)

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Personal air purifier Air Purifier is an effective device for electrostatic air purification.
The Air Purifier emits a steady stream of healthy negative ions that ward off airborne pollutants (such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, smoke, etc.) from your personal space, making the air around you, within a radius of one meter, cleaner and healthy - Wherever you go!
A personal air purifier works effectively up to 60 hours on a single charge. Easily charge with the modern USB Type-C connector.
It is incredibly lightweight and can be worn around the neck without causing any discomfort.

Description of work.

Air Purifier can operate in two modes, in the first case it allows producing twice as many negative ions and the operating time in this mode is up to 30 hours. In the second case, it allows you to work in a more economical mode and can work up to 60 hours.
The charging time is about 2 hours.
Each device comes with a USB (Type-C) charging cable.
There is no filter to replace or clean.
Quiet operation - no fan or motor noise.
Negative ion quantity 80-120 million / m3
Convenient and attractive design.

How a Personal Air Purifier works.

It's easy to turn on your Personal Air Purifier. Closer to the bottom of the product, there is a round power button. Pressing once will turn on the first operating mode of the device, pressing a second time will turn on the maximum operating mode of the device.
The Negative Ion Emitter emits a constant stream of negative ions, creating a cleaner zone with healthier air in your breathing space.

You can use your device in one of the following ways:
Wearing it around your neck.
Place on the nearest table, seat, or bedside table.
When placing the device on a table, seat, bedside table, put the Personal Air Purifier with the buttons up (so that the emitter of NEGATIVE ions is directed towards you).
It is a personal breathing air purifier. It is most effective at a distance of 1 meter to the respiratory system. The closer the Personal Purifier is to your face, the more efficient it will work and the more ions of air purification will reach your face. We recommend placing the Personal Cleaner in the center of your chest or slightly higher.
The personal cleaner can be safely left on for as long as you want - even 24 hours a day.

Air cleaning.

Allergy diagnoses are on the rise
• 38% of the population suffers from allergies, and this number is increasing as air quality at home and elsewhere deteriorates.
Indoor air is often unhealthy
• 1.5 billion people fly every year.
• Air quality in aircraft is unregulated and is heavily criticized for the high incidence of illness among air passengers.
• 84% of airlines circulate air in the aircraft cabin, which can spread viruses, bacteria, etc.
• Airborne viruses are widespread.
• Highly contagious influenza affects 20-50% of the population each year, causing 114,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths in the United States alone.
Source: US Centers for Disease Control
Indoor air quality in most major cities is poor.
• It is estimated that indoor air pollution causes about 2 million premature deaths, mostly in developing countries. Nearly half of these deaths occur in children under five who are diagnosed with pneumonia.
Source: World Health Organization
Air quality is deteriorating in major cities.

Why do we all need to use a personal air purifier?

Over the past thirty years, outbreaks of viruses around the world have become more frequent. Epidemics of infectious diseases like those caused by the new Chinese coronavirus are becoming commonplace. But why?

There are more people on Earth today than ever before - this is a fact. The world's population is 7.7 billion people. It grows and thickens.

More people means less space. This means that pathogens are more easily
transmitted between people. (Source BBC NEWS)



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