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The vibroacoustic apparatus Vitafon T is used for the prevention and treatment of such diseases as: heel spur, hypertension, prostate adenoma, mastitis and lactostasis, acute respiratory infections and bronchitis, diseases of the spine and joints, and other diseases associated with impaired capillary blood flow and lymph flow.

A distinctive feature of the Vitafon T is the presence of a timer, which allows you to simultaneously affect 2 single areas or 1 paired area of ​​organs; 4 modes of micro-vibrations; the power supply unit is located separately from the control panel, which makes the use of the device more convenient, in contrast to the basic model of the Vitafon.

The Vitafon T device is intended for use in medical and prophylactic and sanatorium institutions, as well as at home on the recommendation and under the supervision of a specialist doctor. A pronounced positive therapeutic effect from the use of Vitafon in the treatment of diseases of inflammatory and traumatic origin occurs only when a full course of treatment is carried out. It is not addictive.


Cleansing the body of toxins
Increasing the speed of the regeneration process in bone tissues
Improving tissue lymphatic drainage
Removing edema
Increasing the nutrition of cells far from capillaries
Improving venous blood circulation
Increasing the level of general immunity
Increasing the level of oxygen saturation of the brain


The "Vitafon-T" apparatus is an innovative vibroacoustic model of the popular "Vitafon" apparatus.
In 2003, it was registered as a medical device. The device is used in hospitals, inpatient and outpatient settings, and at home.
The use of the Vitafon-T apparatus does not require special training or education; it is successfully used by elderly people at home.
Due to the effect on the human body of biophysical vibrations, the device effectively treats various diseases and carries out preventive work. These vibrations occur in the human body during muscle contraction and vibration of the vocal cords. However, more and more often people are faced with a deficiency of these very vibrations for various reasons - due to problems with the passage of nerve impulses (for example, in the presence of edema), with the depletion of cellular energy reserves.


Indications for use:
General resource support of the body (increasing efficiency, relieving muscle fatigue, preventing colds)
Arterial hypertension (hypertension)
Diseases of the spine and joints
Men's Health (adenoma, prostatitis, improved potency)
Women's Health (painful menstruation, menstrual disorders, serous mastitis lactostasis, improving lactation)
Urologic diseases (renal failure, chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis and impaired urination, urinary incontinence)
Diseases zheludochno intestinal tract (chronic gastritis, duodentritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, colic)
Colds, acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis
Injuries (limb fractures, compression fracture of the spine, burns, bruises, hematoma, dislocation, sprains)
Eye disease (glaucoma and cataracts)
Dentistry (orthodontics, periodontics, toothache)
Ear disease (sensorineural hearing loss, otitis media, ear inflammation)
Enuresis and encopresis
Diabetes mellitus
Chronic hepatitis


The device must not be used:
In the area closer than ten centimeters from malignant neoplasms
During pregnancy closer than ten centimeters from the fetus (studies have not been carried out)
In the area closer than ten centimeters thrombus in thrombophlebitis
In the area closer than ten centimeters from atherosclerotic formation in severe atherosclerosis
In acute infectious diseases and high (more than 38.5 C) body temperature (except in cases of special guidelines)
In the area of ​​action of implanted stimulators


electronic unit of "Vitafon-T" apparatus
AC power supply
operation manual and recommendations for use


Country of origin: Russia


Number of vibraphones: 2
Amplitude of microvibration: 2.8 - 12 μm
Automatic change of microvibration frequency: 0.03 kHz to 18 kHz
Frequency cycle duration: from 70 sec. up to 120 sec.
Frequency modulation period: from 0.5 sec. up to 1.2 sec.
Amplitude modulation frequency: 1 Hz
Unit / package dimensions: 135x63x35 mm
210x150x70 mm
Kit weight: 0.7 kg
Power consumption and supply voltage: 8W
220V / 50Hz
Autonomous power supply: Yes
Timer: Up to 60 min.