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The ATMOS-LIFE air cleaner-ionizer is designed for use in residential and office premises up to 90 m3 from 220 V network sources. The device is the most powerful in its class and is indispensable for fast high-quality purification and ionization of air in a closed room. Ultra-modern innovative design, which was developed by engineers - laureates and prize-winners of many international industrial exhibitions, attractive colors of the body of the device (silver metallic, dark gray metallic), as well as the ability to operate in three positions at the request of the user (vertically, horizontally and attached to the wall ) - favorably distinguish "ATMOS-LIFE" from the devices of "classmates". Today it is one of the most effective means of combating polluted air,

The operation of the device is based on the principle of electrostatic air purification with simultaneous ionization. The device qualitatively rids the air of harmful particles, bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust, soot, tobacco smoke and exhaust gases from highways. The function of air ionization is implemented due to an additional electrode placed outside the cleaning chamber. This electrode provides the necessary air ionization within the Sanitary and Hygienic Standards (tested by the Sapphire-3K air ion counter), which has a beneficial effect on human health. A new air aromatization system has also been developed, which will allow the user to enjoy the aromas included in the kit. Aroma plates are already impregnated with aromas and hermetically packed, so it is enough to open the package and install the plate into the device. "ATMOS-LIFE" has two modes of operation, sound indication of their switching and can work around the clock. It does not require operating costs, since all the dirt and dust is deposited on the dust collecting plates, which are then easily dismantled (4-5 seconds), cleaned with ordinary water from dust and dirt and are ready for work again.




Supply voltage 220 V
Power consumption 15 W
Performance 40 m cube
The volume of the serviced premises up to 90 m3 (36 m2 )
The concentration of negatively charged air ions up to 50000 units/cm3
Ozone concentration 15 µg/m3
Number of operating modes 2
Air aromatization available
dimensions 245 x 100 x 210 mm
Weight 1 kg
Life time 10 years



Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" consists of the following main parts: housing (1), cover (2), mode switch button (3), LED indicators (4) and power switch (5) Fig. 1A. Inside the case, under the cover, there are: a holder for aroma plates (7), dust collecting plates (8) and pointed ionizing spiers (9) Fig. 1B. On the lower left side of the case there is a power cord for connecting to an alternating current source with a voltage of 220V.

Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" is able to operate in two different modes. Mode switching is carried out by pressing the mode switch button (3). When the device is turned on, one of the LED indicators (4) lights up green - the device is operating in the first (normal) mode. Pressing the button (3) switches the device to the second (higher) mode. In this case, both indicators (4) light up green.


     Rice. 1A. General view of the device Fig. 1b. General view of the device without cover

  1. Frame
  2. Lid
  3. Mode switch button
  4. LED indicators
  5. Power switch
  6. Latch
  7. Aroma plate holder
  8. Dust collecting plates
  9. ionizing spiers


The principle of operation of the air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" is to create a directed electric field (corona discharge) between the pointed ionizing spiers (9) and metal dust collecting plates (8). 1B. As a result of this process, ionic currents flow between the aforementioned elements, providing air movement through the inside of the device case. Together with the air, fine dust is sucked into the device and, under the action of electrostatic forces, is attracted to the dust collecting plates. The air is purified and additionally ionized - enriched with oxygen air ions, creating the effect of "healthy" air throughout the entire volume of the room. In addition, simultaneous ozonation takes place within the permissible concentration for humans. This is necessary to destroy unpleasant odors and harmful microbes.

To use the effect of air aromatization, the user has the opportunity to install the aroma plate from the supplied set in the appropriate holder (7). Due to the flow of pre-cleaned and ionized air, the aroma molecules are carried away from the surface of the aroma plate. Thus, the air is saturated with the smell of aroma



Install the air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" on a flat horizontal surface in a vertical position. If necessary, it is possible to mount the device on a vertical surface (wall) using a mounting kit. It is not recommended to install the device at a distance closer than 0.8 m from the permanent presence of a person.

Connect the power cord of the instrument to a 220V alternating current source. Turn the power switch (5) to position “ I ” (on). Leaning your hand against the upper grate, you will feel a light breeze - the device is working. One of the LED indicators (4) lights up green - the first (normal) mode is on. To switch to the second (higher) mode, it is enough to press the mode switch button (3) once. In the second mode, both indicators (4) light up green. Pressing the button (3) again switches the device to the first mode, etc. on subsequent clicks. Each pressing of the button (3) is accompanied by a sound signal. To turn off the device in any of the modes, it is enough to turn the power switch (5) to position “0” (off).

Long-term (possibly round-the-clock) operation of the product is recommended. In case of strong air pollution (unpleasant smell, increased dust content, viral infection, tobacco smoke), it is necessary to use the second (higher) operating mode of the device.

The air cleaner-ionizer “ATMOS-LIFE” operates almost silently, but a short “hiss” may occur. Increased noise during operation of the device indicates the need for service (see below). In addition, remember that the effectiveness of the device is sharply reduced in the absence of proper timely maintenance.

Using the Extra Fragrances Function

Before switching on, open the cover (2) by slightly moving the latch (6) Fig. 1A. Unpack the hermetically packed set of aroma plates included in the kit. Take one aroma plate and place it in the appropriate holder as shown in Fig. 2. We remind you that the holder for aroma plates (7) is located inside the body of the device. 1B. Then close the cover (2) - the device is ready for use. During the operation of the air cleaner-ionizer, due to the flow of pre-cleaned and ionized air, the aroma molecules are carried away from the surface of the aroma plate. Thus, the air is saturated with smell. Please note that the concentration and durability of the fragrance depends on the operating time of the device.

The shelf life of a set of flavors is 18 months from the date of issue of the product. The set for aromatization of air, which is included in the set of the device, is an additional option, which can later be purchased separately from the Manufacturer.


Fig.2. Aroma plate installation Fig.3. Removing the dust collecting plates



oneFor ease of maintenance, if the device is operated on a vertical surface (wall), it is recommended to move the device to a flat horizontal surface (table).

Turn the power switch (5) to position “0” (off). Disconnect the power cord of the device from the 220V power source. Open the cover (2) by slightly moving the latch (6) Fig. 1A and remove the metal dust plates one by one (Fig. 3.

Wipe the dust plates thoroughly with a damp cloth. 4, or wash with water using a detergent (such as soap). Then dry the dust plates completely and reinstall in the reverse order. Close the lid - the device is ready for use.

Maintenance of the air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" is carried out as the dust collecting plates get dirty, but at least 1 time in 3 weeks. Increased noise during operation indicates the need for maintenance of the device.

              Fig.4. Cleaning the dust plate



Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" is designed for operation or storage at temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees C and relative humidity up to 80 percent. In the case of transportation at low temperatures, it is necessary to keep the device at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Protect the device from mechanical impact, damage and falls. Protect it from foreign objects and moisture from getting inside the case.

It is forbidden to expose combustible and explosive substances near, place paper napkins, clothes and other objects on the surface of the device.

People with hypersensitivity to ozone should not spend a long time in the room where the product works.


Do not install the device:

¦ at a distance closer than 0.8 m from the place of a long stay of a person;
¦ in rooms with high humidity;
¦ on unstable surfaces;
¦ in places easily accessible to children.



Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS-LIFE" - 1 pc.
Packing set - 1 pc.
Operating instructions (user manual) - 1 pc.
A set of aroma plates for air aromatization - 1 pc.
Fixing set - 1 pc.



The manufacturer guarantees that the product complies with the requirements of technical specifications TU 3468-002-70251761-2005, provided that the owner follows the instructions for use, transportation and storage. Warranty period of operation - 12 months from the date of sale. In the absence of the date of sale and the stamp of the store, the warranty period is calculated from the date of release of the product by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is released from warranty obligations in the following cases: seal failure, damage to the case and its components, mains cable, malfunctions that occurred due to the fault of the user in case of non-compliance with the operating instructions or in case of self-repair, as well as damage that occurred due to force majeure circumstances. In this case, the repair is carried out at the expense of the owner.

The service life of the product is 10 (ten) years from the date of sale. At the end of the service life of the product, the organization that has the right to audit the product and make a conclusion about the possibility of its further operation for the Consumer.


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