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Set of gold serum and redox cream + doctor redox gold roller with magnesium insert ≈130 μA

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Electric vitamins make your skin beautiful.

In addition to the massage effect that improves blood circulation, the original design of the roller ensures the formation of electric vitamins - microcurrents without wires and batteries due to reduction (REDuction) processes on a gold-coated roller and oxidation (OXidation) processes on a magnesium insert.

Daily use of the biosimulator prevents the formation of facial wrinkles, stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin, provides lymphatic drainage, and increases the effectiveness of any cream.

Morning session technique.

Apply your usual cream (herbal infusion, mineral water) to your skin.
Wet your fingers and grasp the biosimulator by the magnesium insert.
Start the massage with gentle pressure on the points of the neck and décolleté (Fig. 1). Massage your face along the massage lines, not forgetting the wings of your nose.
An intensive massage of the scalp after rinsing with clean (mineral) water will get rid of dandruff in 10 sessions.
The roller biosimulator will relieve you of pain and stress by influencing biologically active points. Evening session technique. In (Fig. 2) the zones and method of exposure are indicated. The points of quick pressure applied with the sharp silver end of the massager are marked in black, while the points in red are marked by rolling a gold-plated roller. The impact of the massager on these areas has a general strengthening and preventive effect, relieves stress, and increases tone. This type of massage causes pleasant sensations - give them to someone close to you. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the procedure several times, do it while standing on Doctor redox’s lounger, and use the entire system of healthy habits with electric vitamins “Beauty and Health Constructor”, which make the laws of physics, chemistry and biology work daily for health and beauty. Gold is a noble metal - your roller will not tarnish or oxidize.

Smoothing of expression wrinkles
Rejuvenation of facial skin
Lifting effect
Lymphatic drainage
Strengthening hair roots