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Air cleaner ionizer "AirComfort GH 2139"

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An innovative device using ionic technology to generate ozone (O3) and anions to deodorize and freshen home food storage containers, pantries, cabinets and refrigerators.

  • Naturally eliminates unpleasant odors without the use of masking fragrances and fragrances.
  • Reduces food spoilage and prevents cross-contamination from food odors.
  • Increases the freshness and shelf life of many foods, fruits and vegetables.
  • Destroys pesticides and herbicides on fruits and vegetables.
  • The built-in microprocessor controls the work cycle.
  • Three AAA batteries for two to three months of operation of the device.
  • A set of Velcro "Vejcro" and one solid hook.

What is ozone?

Ozone (active oxygen) is an unstable gas with a very characteristic, easily recognizable odor. When the oxygen molecule O2 binds to the third O atom during oxidation, it turns into ozone (active oxygen), or O3. The third oxygen atom in ozone is very unstable and is easily separated upon release to combine with bacteria or pollutants, thus neutralizing them. Therefore, not only the destruction of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mold, mildew, cysts is carried out, but also the neutralization of all kinds of unpleasant odors.

What is its action?

Air Comfort GH-2139


Air Comfort GH-2139 Air Comfort GH-2139
Use in fruit and vegetable storage container. Use in wardrobe storage.


Rated voltage: 3 x "AA" (DC 4.5V)
Energy consumption: Max. 0.5 watt
Outlet active oxygen concentration: not less than 0.08 mg/m 3
The size: diameter 82 x height 35 mm
Weight: 70 g

Distributor: "Aircomfort Co., Ltd.." Italy
Produced by: "G & H Industrial Ltd", Kowloon, Hong Kong, under the control of "Aircomfort Co., Ltd.."