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«AIC GH-2152»

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Multi-tech ionic air purifier.
6 stages of cleaning.

The air purifier combines technologies: ESP(Plasma technology) / IONIC (Ionization) / UV (UV disinfection) / TiO2 (Photocatalyst). Retains contaminants such as allergens and dust. It destroys bacteria and viruses existing in the air, eliminates unpleasant odors and freshens the air.

Structural diagram of the air purification procedure

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Features of AIC GH-2152 Air Purifier

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Plasma Technology / Electrostatic Sedimentation (ESP)

Traps airborne allergens such as pollen, smoke, fine dust particles and pet dander.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Smooth speed controller

Select the desired cleaning level using the rotary dial.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

UV technology

It has been scientifically proven that UV technology destroys airborne microbes.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Ease of maintenance and care

The dirt-absorbing plates are cleaned with a clean cloth.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Nano TiO2 photocatalyst filter

Photocatalysis has excellent antimicrobial activity

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

No need to change filter

Washable photocatalytic filter and foam pre-filter.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

A device that generates negatively charged ions.

The generation of negative ions restores a healthy balance of negative and positive ions in the air.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Consumes only 16 watts of electricity

The energy consumption is almost half that of an energy-saving table lamp.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Long-lasting foam pre-filter

Retains large particles from polluted air.

Air cleaner AirComfort GH-2152

Supplied switchable AC adapter

Power supplied via 100-240 V AC switching adapter (CUL/GS/PSE Standard)



Formation of negative ions >1.000.000 ions/cm3
Active oxygen concentration <0.05 ppm (mg/m 3 )
UVC wavelength 254 nm
UVC Intensity 10μW/cm2 (at a distance of 1m)
Fan speed variable
Action range Up to 45 m2
Voltage DC 12W
Power supply AC 240W with adapter connection
Power consumption 16 V
Dimensions Height 495 x φ180mm
Net weight 1.50 kg

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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