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AirComfort 3SK-AC0304M

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The new model Air Comfort 3SK-AC0304M uses a new UV technology. The UV lamp has been replaced by UV LEDs, which have the same effect on the photocatalyst as UV lamps. Significantly increased service life. Typically, a UV lamp has an operating life of 8000-12000 hours, and UV LEDs average 50,000 hours (5-6 years). Also, UV LEDs are not prone to burnout, unlike UV lamps. The wavelength spectrum of UV LEDs is 365 nm. The power consumption is negligible.

Excerpt from article (Source: Nanowerk )

“Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in collaboration with scientists from the Universities of Maryland (Maryland) and Howard (Howard), have developed a technology for obtaining thin, high-performance LEDs from nanowires. As described in the recent paper "365 nm operation of n-nanowire/p-gallium nitride homojunction light emitting diodes", the resulting LEDs emit ultraviolet light, the exact wavelength required for light-based nanotechnology, including information storage. ."

Multi-purpose air purifier with seven stages of air purification AirComfort 3SK-AC0304M  

  • Five stages of antibacterial air purification.
  • Air purifier plus humidifier
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Digital display showing current and set humidity
  • Shutdown in case of lack of water
  • Polyphonic melody with automatic shutdown.
  • Three performance modes
  • Possibility to turn off the humidification system (air purification only).
  • Ability to disable the ionization mode.
  • Remote control 

The main functions of the AirComfort 3SK-AC0304M climate complex 

  • Removal of contaminants
    Removal of all large contaminants such as dust, hair, animal hair, plant pollen, etc.
  • Sterilization and pure humidification
    Suppression of microorganisms (eg bacteria, viruses, fungal spores) and mites by ionizing the chlorine contained in tap water.
  • Removal of fine particles and inhibition of the growth of viruses and molds
    Available function of humidification by evaporation (natural convection). The growth of bacteria and mold is suppressed by a filter that has been treated with an antibiotic. Management of humidification modes depending on various weather conditions. When the humidity in the room is too low or too high, the air purifier can automatically detect the humidity and adjust the humidity level even in continuous operation.
  • Sterilization
    Suppression of bacteria, viruses, mold and mites by sterilizing with an ultraviolet lamp.
  • Deodorization and adsorption effect is better than activated carbon
    Absorption and decomposition of bad odors and smoke. Through the use of a photocatalyst filter (calcium phosphate deodorant + photocatalyst), the air purifier eliminates all the unpleasant smells of cigarette smoking, mold, bathroom, pets, kitchen, car exhaust, new furniture and household waste.
  • Air purification function
    Dust removal and sterilization (from viruses, dust, pollen, mold and pollutants)

AirComfort 3SK-AC0304

  • Air filter
  • Ion sterilization system
  • Antibacterial filter
  • natural hydration
  • Sterilization by ultraviolet
  • Bio photocatalytic filter
  • Negative Ion Generator (Ionization)


AirComfort 3SK-AC0304

Air purification procedure

Dust removal (dust collection):

  • air filter
  • evaporative filter with antibiotic (water filter)
  • negative ion generation

Odor removal (deodorization):

  • evaporative filter with antibiotic (water filter)
  • biophotocatalyst (working principle)
  • negative ion generation

Suppression of microorganisms in the air (sterilization):

  • ion sterilization system
  • evaporative filter with antibacterial impregnation
  • UV sterilization system
  • biophotocatalyst (working principle)
  • generation of negative ions (Ionization)


Maximum performance 250 m 3 / hour
Humidification performance 350-400 ml per hour
Water tank volume 4 liters
Service area Up to 50 m2
Power 50 W
Dimensions 385 x 245 x 352 mm
The weight 5.8 kg
Voltage 220 V/ 50 Hz

Supplier: "AIR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law


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