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«AirComfort XJ 200»

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The electrostatic filter traps the smallest airborne contaminants. Simply slide out and wipe its rods clean with a damp cloth.
Clean, fresh smelling air circulates electronically without moving parts or noise
Electrostatic dust collection system, easy to clean
Clean air carries a steady stream of purifying ozone that neutralizes odors at the very beginning.
The LED can be used as a night light.
Thanks to the built-in wireless plug, the device is installed close to the wall, without taking up space on the floor or on a shelf.


Rated supply voltage 230V/50Hz
Power consumption 2W
Formation of negative ions >=1x10 3 /cm3
Active oxygen concentration < 0.03 ppm mg/m3
Dimensions 60x40x160 (mm)
The weight 170 g


Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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