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"ATMOS HG-504"

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Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" uses an electrostatic method of trapping dust particles and is designed for operation in rooms of 25-30 sq. meters. The built-in ionization unit allows you to effectively ionize the purified air with useful air ions. The device has a compact vertical design and is able to purify the air with high quality, as well as neutralize static electricity from household appliances and computers. Two additional fans inside the case will greatly speed up the cleaning process. The reusable panel with a block of dust collecting plates can be easily dismantled and washed with water. Modern colors, three modes of operation, energy efficiency, as well as virtually silent round-the-clock operation.


Supply voltage 220 V
Power consumption 5 W
Served Volume 85 m cube
Concentration of negative air ions up to 50000 units / cm cube
Number of operating modes 3
Noise level when working with a fan 29 dB
dimensions 335 x 85 x 110 mm
Weight 0.58 kg
Life time 7 years


The principle of operation of the ATMOS HG-504 air cleaner-ionizer is to create a directed electric field (corona discharge) between metal ionizing filaments and a block of dust collecting plates, which are located inside the device case. As a result of this process, ionic currents flow between the aforementioned elements, providing air movement through the inside of the device case. Together with the air, particles of fine dust are sucked into the device and, under the influence of electrostatic forces, are attracted to the dust collecting plates. Thus, the air is purified. Also, due to the built-in ionization unit, the purified air is ionized - enriched with oxygen air ions, creating the effect of "healthy" air throughout the entire volume of the room. Besides, there is a simultaneous ozonization of air within the permissible concentration for a person. This is necessary to destroy unpleasant odors, harmful microbes, viruses and bacteria.

It should be added that two low-noise compact fans are also located inside the device case. To increase the performance of the device, the user can use the control knob to turn on either one of them, or two at the same time.

LEDs of various colors located at the top of the device indicate the operating modes of the air cleaner.


Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" is a vertical ergonomic case, in the lower rear part of which there is a power cord and a plug for connecting to a 220V alternating current source.

The front part of the case has openings for air outlet, and the rear part has openings for air intake (air intake). At the top of the case are a control knob, two LED indicators, and a cover for the dust plate unit. Inside the case there are two low-noise fans, an ionization unit, a block of dust collecting plates and ionizing threads. The main elements of the device are shown in the block diagram below:

1 Housing
2 Cover with a block of dust collecting plates
3 Control knob
4 Left LED indicator
5 Right LED indicator


Preparation for operation

Select a suitable location for the installation of the instrument. Choose a suitable place to install the instrument. Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" must be placed on a flat hard horizontal surface, ensuring normal air circulation. It is not recommended to install the device at a distance closer than 0.5 m from the place of a long stay of a person. Make sure that the power cord is long enough to connect to the 220V power supply.

Getting Started

Connect the power cord plug to a 220V AC power source. Turn the control knob (3) clockwise to the next locked position. The left LED indicator (4) lights up blue - the device is working.

Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" operates almost silently. Just by leaning your ear against the grille with air outlets, you will feel a slight rustle. However, a short atypical "hiss" or "crackle" may occur. This increased noise during operation of the device indicates the need for service (see below). In addition, remember that the effectiveness of the device is sharply reduced in the absence of proper timely maintenance.

Switching operating modes

To switch the device to the operation mode with one additional fan, it is enough to turn the control knob (3) clockwise to the next fixed position. The right LED indicator (5) lights up green, the noise of one fan is heard. The action of an additional fan allows the device to clean a larger amount of air per unit of time.

To switch the device to the mode of operation with two additional fans, it is necessary to turn the control knob (3) clockwise again to the next fixed position. In this case, the right LED indicator (5) lights up in orange, the sound of two fans is heard. The action of two additional fans allows the device to clean even more air per unit time.

Long-term (possibly round-the-clock) operation of the product is recommended. Depending on the degree of air pollution, it is recommended to use different modes of air purification. The greater the pollution, the greater the amount of air per unit time the device must pump for cleaning. During sleep, it is wise to use the mode with the minimum noise level.

Additional air ionization

Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" has a special ionization unit (ionization electrode). It is located inside the housing near the outlet grate and serves to ionize the air at the recommended concentration. The ionization function is the process of enriching the air with useful ions. Negatively charged ions of the oxygen molecule have a positive effect on the human body, strengthen the immune system, reduce fatigue, give vigor and health. The air becomes healing and "life-giving", as in seaside resorts or in the mountains.

Switching off the device

To turn off the device in any of the modes, it is enough to turn the control knob (3) to such a fixed position when all LED indicators (4) and (5) go out. Noise, air movement, as well as the operation of the fan(s) will stop - the device is turned off. It is recommended that during long breaks in the use of the ATMOS HG-504 air cleaner-ionizer, remove the power cord plug from the 220 V power source socket


Dear users! Before servicing or inspecting the inside of the air cleaner, make sure that the device is completely de-energized. Turn off the device, remove the mains plug from the 220V power supply socket. Move the product to a flat horizontal surface in a place convenient for maintenance and place it with the air outlet holes towards you. The air cleaner is ready for service.

Pull the cover with the block of dust collecting plates (2) upwards from the body of the device, holding it by the rear part (see figure below). Thoroughly wipe all surfaces of the dust plates with a damp cloth, or wash with water using a detergent (such as soap). Then completely dry the block with plates and install the cover (2) in the original position in reverse order until it is completely fixed. Please note that when the cover with the dust collecting plate unit (2) is correctly installed in the appliance body, it fits snugly against the upper part of the appliance. The product is ready to go.

Maintenance of the air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" is carried out as the block of dust collecting plates becomes dirty, but at least once every 2 weeks. Increased noise during operation indicates the need for maintenance of the device.


Dear user! We kindly ask you to carefully read the warnings and cautions below when maintaining and operating the ATMOS HG-504 air cleaner. We urge you to follow all these precautions.

Air cleaner "ATMOS HG-504" is designed for operation at temperatures from +5 to + 40 degrees C and relative humidity of about 80%. Long-term storage of this device is allowed in a dry, heated room. In the case of transportation at low temperatures, it is necessary to keep the device at room temperature for about 30 minutes before using it.


1) To avoid the risk of fire or electric shock due to short circuit, do not use a damaged power cord or plug. In case of damage of this kind, it is necessary to contact a specialized Service Center for the repair of air cleaners.
2) Do not bend, pinch, damage or pull on the power cord when moving the appliance or unplugging it. Do not place foreign objects on the power cord.
3) Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the product yourself. Doing so may result in product failure, fire or short circuit.
4) Always turn off the power and remove the mains plug from the socket before servicing, moving the instrument to a new location, or not using it for a long period of time. Carry out these operations only in accordance with the Instructions for Use.
5) Do not touch the instrument with wet hands. Do not spill water or other liquids on the device. This may result in electric shock.
6) Do not install the product in places with high humidity (bathroom, etc.). Doing so may result in electric shock or damage to the instrument.
7) Do not store or use this product in places where there is a lot of fumes from paints and varnishes and petroleum products. Doing so may result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
8) This product can purify the air, but it cannot decompose some gases, including carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide).


1) Do not install the product near heat sources (heaters, central heating radiators, etc.). This can lead to deformation and discoloration of the instrument case.
2) Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
3) Do not place the device closer than 1 meter from TVs, radios, speakers and antennas. This product may cause interference.
4) Do not use the product outdoors.
5) Do not use this product as a smog remover or kitchen hood. This will shorten the service life or reduce the performance of the device.
6) Do not allow synthetic fluids, sparks or burning objects to enter the instrument. This may cause fire and fire.
7) Do not insert fingers, other parts of the body or foreign objects into the air inlets and outlets. Doing so may result in electric shock or injury.
8) Turn off the product before spraying insect repellent indoors to prevent chemicals from getting inside the product.
9) When using the device together with a humidifier, do not allow moisture to enter the device. This may result in electric shock.
10) Do not block the air inlet and outlet, as this will impair the performance of this product and may cause damage. Place the appliance on a horizontal, hard, level surface in a place that provides good air circulation.
11) Do not place a container of water near the product to avoid electric shock and breakdown.
12) Never use gasoline or its derivatives to clean the product or its parts. In this case, the plastic housing of the instrument may be destroyed, resulting in electric shock or fire.
13) Please unplug the power cord from the outlet if you do not use the product for a long period of time. When unplugging the power cord, hold the outlet while carefully pulling out the plug. Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit and fire.
14) Do not install the product on metal surfaces of audio/video equipment and refrigerators. Do not install the product on unstable surfaces. This may cause the device to fall and malfunction.
15) Do not sit or stand on the product, protect it from mechanical impact and damage. Do not operate the product if it vibrates, is tilted, or has been dropped. This can lead to breakage.
16) It is forbidden to place paper napkins, clothes and other items on the surface of the device.
17) If the product is used in conjunction with heating devices, good ventilation must be ensured. This product cannot remove carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide). Otherwise, you may suffocate.
18) Do not use the product in rooms filled with flammable explosive substances, corrosive gases, metal dust. This may cause a fire.
19) Do not place the device at a distance closer than 0.5 meters from places where a person stays for a long time.
20) Do not install the appliance in places easily reachable by children.
21) People with hypersensitivity to ozone are contraindicated for a long time - spending time in the room where the product works.


Air cleaner-ionizer "ATMOS HG-504" - 1 pc.
Packing set - 1 pc.
Operating instructions (user manual) - 1 pc.


The manufacturer guarantees that the product complies with the requirements of the technical specifications, provided that the owner observes the instructions for use, transportation and storage. The quality of the product is checked immediately before leaving the factory. Warranty period of operation is 12 months from the date of sale. The date of sale and the stamp of the store in the instruction manual is a prerequisite for warranty service.

The manufacturer is released from warranty obligations in the following cases: interference with the operation of the internal parts of the device, damage to the case and its components, malfunctions that occurred due to the fault of the user in case of non-compliance with the operating instructions or in the event of disassembly and self-repair, as well as damage that occurred due to force majeure. In the above cases, the repair is carried out at the expense of the owner.

The service life of the product is 7 years from the date of sale. After the end of the service life of the product, the organization that has the right to audit the product and make a conclusion about the possibility of its further operation.


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