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«AirComfort XJ 801»

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Purifies polluted air, neutralizes irritants.
Provides silent circulation of pure fresh air.
Neutralizes unpleasant odors.
Runs on car cigarette lighter or lithium battery.
Flashing red lights mimic the operation of a car alarm.
The motion sensor automatically turns the device on and off.
Adjustable holder provides easy installation on the dashboard.

Car ionizer cleaner AirComfort XJ-801

With advanced ionic wind technology, the device circulates clean and fresh air silently, without the help of motor and fan.

Car ionizer cleaner AirComfort XJ-801

Elegant car air purifier with adjustable holder, easy to install on the dashboard. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or use 4 AA batteries.


Model XJ-801
Rated supply voltage 12V
Power consumption 4 AA batteries (6 W)
Ion flux density >=1x10 3 /cm3
Active oxygen output < 0.04 ppm mg/m3
Dimensions 120x100x50 (mm)
Weight 175 g

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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