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"Dune-T" is a physiotherapy device with LED red and infrared radiation.

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Phototherapeutic device "Dune-T"

Physiotherapy apparatus portable LED matrix for phototherapy "Dune-T" (registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 29/06070997 / 1080-00 dated 25.10.00) was created on the basis of a new promising method of influencing body tissues by scattered rays of visible red and invisible infrared light with the natural power of sunlight. Aimed at the surface of the patient's body, these most active and at the same time the safest, red and infrared spectra of optical radiation penetrate deeply into it and activate the vital processes of the whole organism in the most natural way. As a result of this effect, biochemical processes occur in tissues that restore cellular structures. The device has a polysystemic effect with a predominant effect on the musculoskeletal system,

Red and infrared light of the device improves blood microcirculation in small vessels and tissues; increase the rate of redox processes; enhance the regeneration (restoration) of damaged tissues; normalize the water balance of cells; has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edema effect; increases local and general immunity. The LED radiation of the device is a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory factor. Exposure to radiation activates protective reactions; the skin and tissues are cleansed in the deep layers, while the blood vessels expand, the water exchange is balanced and the metabolic rate increases. LED radiation does not stimulate the accumulation of active radicals in the body.

The Dune-T apparatus is protected by patents of the Russian Federation: patent No. 2090224 for the invention "Physiotherapeutic apparatus" and patent No. 44530 for the industrial design "Physiotherapeutic apparatus for irradiation with light and / or infrared rays".
In 1998 the device became a diploma winner of the competition "100 best goods of Russia".

The Dune-T apparatus is a portable device weighing no more than 200 grams. The power supply unit, without transformer design, is combined with an LED matrix in a single case. The LED matrix of the device consists of 21 red and 16 infrared LEDs connected in series. LEDs are used that generate radiation: red with a wavelength of 650 nm (radiation density - 0.8 mW / cm2) and infrared - 920 nm (radiation density - 1.5 mW / cm2). The irradiation area achieved with the Duna-T apparatus is 16 cm2. The total radiation power density is 2 mW / cm2. Power consumption - 6 VA. Supply voltage - 220-230 V. According to the method of protecting the patient and service personnel from electric shock, the device is made in accordance with the requirements for class II type BF products GOST R 50267.

Therapeutic properties of the "Dune-T" apparatus

It has a general stimulating effect on the body as a whole, consistently improving the functional state of a cell, tissue, organ, organ system, regardless of the field of influence.
It affects the environment that unites all human organs and systems - blood, causes positive changes in health for a long time.
Relieves and relieves pain of various origins.
Improves blood clotting.
Activates metabolic processes.
Restores blood and lymph circulation of tissues.
Helps to relieve the inflammatory process, reduce edema, intoxication.
Accelerates the healing of wounds (including burns) without the formation of a rough scar, helps to soften the already formed scars and their depigmentation. Prevents keloid scar formation.
Has antiviral, bactericidal effect.
Normalizes blood pressure.
Reduces the risk of postoperative inflammatory complications when used in the preoperative period.
Increases the effectiveness of restorative treatment.
Clinics on the basis of which studies were carried out on the effectiveness of the Duna-T device The
high therapeutic and prophylactic effect of the Duna-T device has been proven in experimental and clinical studies carried out at the medical institutions of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg:

- Department of Pediatrics No. 3, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk (head - professor L.P. Bushmeleva; responsible executors - assistant of the department, candidate of medical sciences E.M. Kamaltynova and head of the PTO of children's hospital No. 1, doctor of the highest category, chief children's physiotherapist O. Yu.Mazaeva);
- Department of Pediatrics with the course of pediatric endocrinology of the Siberian State Medical University on the basis of the endocrinology department of the children's hospital №1, Tomsk (head - head of the department, professor EB Kravets; executive officer - head of the children's endocrinology department, doctor of the highest category L.V. Kalinin);
- Department of Therapy FUV Siberian State Medical University and the Department of Physiotherapy of the OKB, Tomsk (heads - Ph.D. M.I. Kalyuzhina and head of the department, doctor of the highest category Z.A. Chekhova; executive officer - S.V. Novikova) ;
- Clinical Department of the Research Institute of Pharmacology, TSC SB RAMS, Tomsk (Head - Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences V.V. Udut; responsible executors - Doctor of Medical Sciences S.A. Naumov and Ph.D. E V. Borodulina);
- Immunological department of the Central Scientific Research Laboratory of the Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk (head - G.V. Potapova);
- Regional Dental Hospital, Tomsk (head - S.P. Ryabova; executive officer - N.E. Alexandrova);
- Department of Children's Infections, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk (Head - Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences A.P. Pomogaeva; responsible executors - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences L.A. Zhuravleva, Ph.D. E M. Klimanova and O. G. Skripnik);
- Department of Infectious Diseases, FUS course, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk (Head - Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences K.I. Chuikova; responsible executors - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences L.A. Zhuravleva and Associate Professor, Ph. M.A. T.A.Kovaleva);
- Department of Pediatric Surgery, Siberian State Medical University on the basis of Children's Hospital No. 4, Tomsk (Head - Associate Professor, Ph.D. VM Maslikov; executive officer - Professor, MD D.D. Melnik);
- Department of Eye Diseases, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk (head - Ph.D. A.A. Fetisov; executive officer - I.V. Usacheva);
- Urology Department of the Medical-Sanitary Unit No. 2, Tomsk, (head - MP Prokopovich);
- Regional medical and physical dispensary, Tomsk (head - VE Bolotov);
- Dermatovenerologic dispensary, Tomsk (head - A.P. Galtsova);
- Department of proctology, OKB, Tomsk (head - head of the department OI Buldakova);
- Immuno-allergological department of the MIV, Tomsk (responsible executors - I.E. Grakhova and L.A. Malysheva);
- Veterinary clinic "Fauna", Tomsk (head - Yu.Yu. Fomin);
- Department of ENT diseases of the Siberian State Medical University on the basis of Children's Hospital No. 4, Tomsk (performed by II Chankov);
- Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty of the Novosibirsk State Medical Institute on the basis of the 2nd Clinical Hospital, Children's Polyclinic No. 5 and the Burn Center of the OKB, Novosibirsk (heads - Ph.D., Associate Professor G.N. Filipova and Ph.D. V.A. Drobyshev);
- Research Institute of Circulatory Pathology, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk (Head - Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences A.M. Kraskov, Executive Officer - Candidate of Medical Sciences O.A.Ivantsova);
- Central Military Clinical Sanatorium "Arkhangelskoye" (Head - Medical Service Colonel V. K. Nikiforov; Executive Officer - Medical Service Colonel Y. Kudryashov);
- Department of Physiotherapy, Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, Moscow (head - prof. OI Efanov);
- Russian Scientific Center for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Moscow (Head - Head of the Department of Physical Methods of Treatment, Professor A.A. Minenkov);
- Department of Outpatient Surgery, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg (performer - Associate Professor, Ph.D. V.P. Goncharov);
- Department of Rehabilitation of the Pediatric Academy, St. Petersburg;
- Children's rehabilitation center "Ogonyok", St. Petersburg (head - doctor of the highest category BV Demidov).

In the prevention of diseases - the prevention of immunodeficiencies, allergies, stimulation of metabolism, environmentally unfavorable living environment, prevention of skin aging, cosmetic defects (pigmentation, porosity, decreased elasticity, elasticity, etc.).
In the system of treatment of diseases- diseases of the digestive system; rectal diseases (including anal fissure); inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract (rhinitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis); diseases of the ear and mastoid; viral infections (influenza, acute respiratory infections, herpes of any localization); diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis); trophic disorders in tissues (long-term non-healing wounds, trophic ulcers, postoperative scars, nipple cracks); inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the early stages (acne, abscesses, boils, etc.); diseases of the nervous system (vegetative-vascular dystonia, stroke, chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency); calcification of soft tissues; with mastitis; diseases of the urinary system (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, nephrolithiasis, cystitis); trauma (bruises, cuts, burns, frostbite, fractures, sprains, hematomas); gynecological diseases; allergic diseases, in the early stages; in dentistry (periodontal disease, stomatitis).
In cosmetology (relieves inflammatory processes in the skin, as well as rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles).

User category
From the moment of birth to ripe old age. The device can also be successfully used in the treatment of many diseases in domestic animals (dogs and cats).

The Duna-T device is one of the few Russian physiotherapeutic devices intended for home use that have undergone a complex of studies on long-term consequences.
In particular, the Central Research Laboratory of the Siberian State Medical University, in its report on the immunotropic properties of the radiation from the Duna-T LED therapy device, showed that:

The use of the device for LED therapy on animals, judging by the reaction of the immune system, does not cause stress on the body.
The use of the LED therapy device moderately stimulates natural immunity.
The use of the device for LED therapy stimulates natural effector cellular elements: killer cells, neutrophilic phagocytes.
According to morphological studies of the Research Institute of Oncology, TSC, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the effect of the Duna-T apparatus does not cause gross pathological disorders in healthy tissues, but, on the contrary, improves the rheological properties of tissues and stimulates local immunity. The latter characteristics are very important for combating purulent or other inflammatory processes of tissues, because a reduction in the healing time of the pathological focus can be expected.

The failure rate of devices is less than 0.1% of the manufactured ones. This level of reliability is comparable to the level of reliability of electronic products from well-known foreign companies. The product, subject to the rules of operation, can serve for 10 or more years. The warranty period since 2000 is set by the manufacturer - 3 years!

Expert review:
Efficiency: the course of treatment is 10-15 procedures. In accordance with the rules of physiotherapy, treatment is carried out in courses, the intervals between which are 1 - 1.5 months. The exposure time is 10-60 minutes per day. The exposure time during one session is no more than 30 minutes in children under 7 years of age, and 40-60 minutes in adults (in total for all recommended fields and points). With the correct diagnosis and choice of technique, a clear improvement in the patient's subjective condition can be observed almost immediately after the start of treatment with the Duna-T device (in 76% of cases, the device's action is regarded as effective or very effective).

The Dune-T device has a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, decongestant, antiallergic, wound healing (including burn wounds without the formation of a rough scar), tranquilizing (inhibitory), vasodilating effect; has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as analgesic and absorbing properties; has a pronounced cosmetic effect. Strengthens phagocytosis, lowers blood cholesterol, stimulates metabolism. Under the influence of light "Dune-T" the natural immunity of the organism is moderately stimulated, the metabolism of vitamins of groups A, C, E is improved; breathing is stimulated, blood pressure is normalized and the general condition of patients is improved. Dune-T light gives good results in the treatment of varicose veins.

With the help of the "Dune-T" apparatus, you can smooth wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin of the face. Moreover, its use not only goes well with traditional cosmetics, as well as medicinal products, but also enhances the effect of creams. Swelling, severe itching, peeling and other unpleasant phenomena accompanying inflammatory skin diseases will cease to torment you after a two-week course of light therapy.

Ease of use: The device can be used both in clinical settings and by the patient independently at home. In case of a pronounced clinical picture of the disease, the device should be used as an additional method of treatment together with other therapy. The device is so convenient and easy to use that no special knowledge is required to use it. It is enough just to plug the device into the network and attach it to the sore spot.

The methods of using the device, the operating procedure, are described in the instructions attached to the device. Treatment is carried out according to a set of detailed guidelines for the use of the device, developed by doctors. Methods of using the device - local (local) - on the affected surface or projection of internal organs (occurs directly in the focus of inflammation - over the damaged joint or organ, in the area of ​​a boil, wound or scar); reflex - irradiation of points, meridians (impact on reflexogenic zones - feet, palms, biologically active zones, according to the principles of oriental medicine); general - irradiation of projections of large vessels (percutaneous stimulation with light of veins, arteries, lymphatic channels, i.e. collectors) for the purpose of systemic effects on the body. The impact of the apparatus can be - contact (the head of the emitter is in direct contact with undamaged tissues above the joints, organs or biologically active zones); non-contact (remote, if the distance between the head of the emitter and the surface of the wound or the focus of inflammation is selected 1-3 cm, in order to reduce the thermal effect); motionless (static); mobile (scanning, i.e. during the session, the device is moved with smooth movements over the focus).

Monitoring the possible failure of any of the diodes - when it burns out, the device stops working.

Tips for use : The effectiveness of treatment with the Duna-T device for acute inflammatory processes depends on its intensity. So, if the treatment is started as early as possible, literally from the first hours of the appearance of signs of the disease and very intensively carried out on the first and second days, i.e. from 3 to 5 procedures per day, then, in these cases, for 2-3 days, as a rule, it is possible to stop the pathological process.

Red and IR radiation is combined with all drugs and other physiotherapeutic procedures (with an interval of 1.5-2 hours), except for X-ray radiation. Antibiotics and other chemotherapy drugs should only be used as directed by a physician. Red light can be used as an analogue of electrophoresis to accelerate drug penetration under the skin.

It is not recommended to exceed the total exposure time of the device per day - 60 minutes.

Advantages: two-factor effect of the device (combination of red and infrared light).

The high therapeutic effect of the device (the use of LEDs with a wider spectrum of radiation than laser, in most cases gives a more pronounced therapeutic effect in comparison with widespread therapeutic lasers), at a fairly affordable price (the cost of the Duna-T apparatus is orders of magnitude lower than the cost of laser therapeutic installations).

"Dune-T" has good technical characteristics, optimal luminous flux, large exposure area.

Safety of use - treatment with the device practically does not give complications and side reactions. The maximum permissible total radiation power is no more than 2 mW / cm2, which guarantees complete harmlessness of the impact. The biological effect of the waves of the red and infrared ranges has a significant advantage over other types of radiation, and the use of a scattered rather than a concentrated beam makes its use safe.

Versatility - the device is indicated for a wide range of diseases and conditions.


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