Product code E00642

Shower set with display and thermostat SPA Monza

219.00 EUR
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The shower set includes a rain shower, a hand shower, a hygienic shower, and a shelf holder.

We present to your attention a rain shower with a thermostat and display (works without a power connection and without batteries). The thermostat function allows you to monitor the temperature, which is convenient for adults and safe for children! Pamper yourself with a SPA-level shower. The release of water is similar to rain due to the mixing of water with air. A hand shower will allow you to choose the right solution to suit your mood. And thanks to the thermostat, you don't have to worry about constantly choosing a comfortable temperature. The main element is made of high-quality brass, due to which the structure and its elements are highly durable, reliable and resistant to physical stress, and all elements of the kit are reliably protected from corrosion, thereby extending the life of the product and maintaining its original appearance. The set is presented in a modern style, thanks to which it is ideal for any bathroom interior, filling it with functionality and giving it elegance and laconicism.

Rain shower is one of the innovative technologies in the field of plumbing equipment, which is rapidly gaining popularity. This is due to the fact that the design performs not only hygienic functions. This design allows you to simulate real tropical rain and at the same time have a therapeutic effect on the body.
Control panel with display (brass) - 1 pc., stand (brass) - 1 pc., rain shower (ABS plastic) - 1 pc., watering can (ABS plastic) - 1 pc., hose - 1 pc., rod holder (ABS) -plastic) - 1 piece, hygienic shower (ABS plastic) - 1 piece, hygienic shower hose - 1 piece, shelf stand (ABS plastic) - 1 piece, mounting kit.